Reviewing Nationalism & Analyzing Mao Zedong HW

Homework: (05/06/14; due: 05/07/14)
Review today’s classwork surrounding Nationalism – verify that your
classmates notes are correct.
Thursday [05/08/14]
• Students are asked to carefully read pages 767 – 769 & 852 – 854.
• Taken from a different source (Internet, another book, magazine, etc.),
find and then actively read an article surrounding the
government/leadership of Mao Zedong.
• “Paint” a literary picture (written analysis) of Mao Zedong
– In a few sentences, describe the man – who was he?
– What were his views/philosophies?)
– What were his programs/policies throughout his reign?
• Please be thorough with your analysis. A few things to keep in mind as
you read/write [Know their meaning & significance]: The Cultural
Revolution, Red Guards, & Great Leap Forward.