Fort Bragg High School

Fort Bragg High School
10th Grade & 11th Grade Advisory
September 5, 2013
• Practice for the SAT (SAT is one of the required tests to
apply to 4 year colleges)
• Measures academic skills you’ll need for college
• Serves as an entry point to National Merit Scholarship
Corporation competitions which rewards some 8,300
National Merit Scholarships each year
• Approximately 3.5 million students participate each year
(44% eleventh-graders and 56% tenth-graders or
•Scholarship and recognition opportunities (11th grade)
•College and career planning tools
•Admissions and financial aid information from colleges
•Feedback on academic skills which allows you to focus on
what you need to improve upon for college
•Preparation for the SAT®
•Familiarize yourself with PSAT so you can improve your
score as an 11th grader which is the year you can qualify for
the National Merit Scholarships
•Become BETTER prepared for the SAT
•See what you need to improve upon to better prepare for
•Improve your test taking skills…especially on timed tests
•Compare yourself nationally to other 10th graders across the
The test assesses the academic skills that you’ve developed
over the years, primarily through your course work.
These skills are considered essential for success in high
school and college:
•Critical Reading
•Writing Skills
• Question Types:
The same, except the PSAT/NMSQT does not have an
essay component.
• Length:
The PSAT/NMSQT is 2 hours, 10 minutes.
The SAT is 3 hours, 45 minutes.
• Level of Difficulty:
The PSAT/NMSQT does not have 11th grade-level math
Multiple-choice questions:
• 1 point for each correct
• ¼ point deducted for each incorrect
Math grid-ins:
• 1 point for each correct
• 0 points for each incorrect
0 points for omitted questions
The PSAT/NMSQT Score Report
(Results from your test):
• contains information to help you
improve your academic skills
and prepare for the SAT
• lists skills that you have the
best chance of improving with
additional work - more prepared
for college
• includes advice, written by
teachers, on how to improve
those skills
•Continuous reading improves vocabulary and develops essential skills.
•Read more books than just those required for class.
Take Challenging Courses!
•This will help you to develop and strengthen your critical thinking skills.
• Take the practice test in the Official
Student Guide to the PSAT/NMSQT.
• Understand scoring and “educated
• Familiarize yourself with the test’s format,
questions types, and directions.
• Get this guide when you pay the $20 test
fee or qualify for Fee Waiver (juniors only).
Visit Counseling office to pay test fee.
Test Date: Weds. Oct. 30th at FBHS – 1st -4th period
Interested - write your name on sign-up-sheet to take the test –
Advisors return list to Counseling Office by Friday, September
6th. By signing up – you are committing to paying ($20 or $5).
STUDENT - Pay for test in the Counseling office and get your
study booklet/practice test.
Payment is due by Sept. 12th
Cost: $20 (Cash or check made payable to Fort Bragg High
• Fee waivers available to juniors only – limited
availability (See Counseling Office). Students who
qualify for a fee waiver pay only $5 for PSAT.
• Visit Marc or Ms. B in
the counseling office.
They’re here to help!