AWED: The Sophomore Project

AWED: The Sophomore
“Continuity gives us roots; change gives us branches,
letting us stretch and grow and reach new heights.”
–Pauline Kezer
Way to
Educate and
Complete a research paper on a chosen
Complete a multi-genre product with 3
Give a presentation to your peers.
Come to school at night on December
11th to showcase your work!
educationally appropriate topic related to a class for
which you can find VALID sources on our networked
something you are interested in, but are not an expert
in right now.
Keep in mind that it will be displayed for the community, so
it needs to be something that would interest someone
besides you.
You are teaching this topic to me, your peers, and your
Your Topic Choice is due on: September 8th.
Just a biography of a famous person
Topics that can’t be researched on our filtered
Topics that don’t connect to the curriculum of
a class (purely sports, pop culture, etc.)
Topics that would require you to participate in
illegal or immoral activities. Duh.
Final draft of the paper must be uploaded into
Different types of writing or
activities, such as:
poems, short stories, song
lyrics, newscasts, brochures,
fables, photo essays, cartoons,
children’s books, etc.
You will have to complete 3 genres on your
-Digital: Photo Essay (PPT)
-Creative Writing (you choose a genre
appropriate to your topic)
-Visual (hands-on project)
Presentations will be given from
December 1-5 in class.
Presentations will be 5-7 minutes in
Presentation time slots will be randomly
drawn on November 25 so students will
know which day they are to present.
On the night of December 11th, you are
required to come to school from 6:30-8:30
for the showcase of all of your work.
you will have to be there between 5:40 and 6:00
There will be a program in the auditorium
for the top projects to be featured for the
crowd and the students.
Eng. II teacher choose the top projects with
some student input
All students will be decorating a table
(booth), displaying all of their genres for
everyone to see, making it informative
and appealing.
There is a contest for the best five
booths ($25 Visa gift card for each of the
five winners.)
I won’t read it, and you will receive a
For the research paper, students
must turn it in during their class
period on the day it is due. If it is
turned in later on during the day, it
is ten points off.
Cheating and plagiarism are
violations of the honor code and
students will receive a zero and
will be turned in to the
administration if they violate the
honor code.
No. Make sure it is on time on your
presentation day.
If a student does not complete the
research paper and project
requirements and does not give a
presentation, he or she cannot
attend the Sophomore Showcase as
a participating student since he or she
will have nothing to present. This will
result in a zero for that grade.