Motlow State Community College

Motlow State Community College
Action Plan & Outcome Assessment Report for Institutional Effectiveness
Planning Year: July 1, 2014 – June 30, 2015
Assessing Year: July 1, 2013 – June 30, 2014
Unit: Academic Technologies
Related Strategic Goal:
2.1 Enhance student persistence to completion of post-secondary credential or degree.
Action Plan #: ACTH-03
Action Plan Title: Technology Showcase
Desired Outcome: Both students and faculty members will use technology to provide more engaging
learning activities. The Technology Showcase will provide a way to exhibit student-created artifacts
done as part of curricular requirements.
Description of Action Plan and Related Activities: The Director of the Center for Academic Technologies
will assist faculty and students with the creation and display of student-created multimedia projects.
The Technology Showcase will take place during Spring Semester.
The Director of the Center for Academic Technologies will count the attendees at the Honors
Symposium/Technology Showcase. The Director will compile a list of students and the projects which
they created.
Team Members: The Director of the Center for Academic Technologies and representatives from
academic departments.
Timeline: June 30, 2015
Est. Cost: $ unknown – the cost will be Budgeted: Included in current budget
minimal and based on needs of students
and faculty in developing the students’
Evidence of Success: Students will create technology-enhanced projects as part of their classroom
activities. A count of attendees at the Showcase will be made.
Complete the following when assessing a plan
Current Status: On Schedule
Describe Progress:
Each year the Technology Showcase has been held in conjunction with the Honors Symposium. This
year 20 students participated. The reason for the lower participation this year was due to one of the
Honors faculty being out for an extended illness and therefore did not have time to devote to having
students create multimedia projects. The Director has made herself available to talk to classes about
potential projects and will further promote multimedia projects by offering to come and talk to
classes about projects they could do to meet course requirements. Over 100 faculty and students
viewed the Technology Showcase this year.
Describe Needed Changes: Classes in addition to Honors classes could be included in future Technology
Showcases. More faculty buy-in is needed to increase the value of this activity. Promotion at Academic
Leadership meetings would be beneficial. Support of new Vice President for Academic Affairs is crucial.
In the past, Academic Affairs has provided $500 to allow prizes to be awarded to students. The method
for awarding the prizes (e.g. advertising) needs to be improved.
List of Supporting Documentation:
Date Last Updated: 6/15/2014