Mammals are warm-blooded.

Warm-blooded means to be able to change their body temperature by their selves.

They are also vertebrates.

Vertebrate means to have a backbone.

Mammals give live birth.

Only the Spiny Anteater and Duck Billed

Platypus lay eggs.

Some mammals, like a kangaroo, carry their babies in their pouches if they have one

All mammals feed their babies milk after they are born.

Mammals can live in any ecosystem in the world, because they are warm-blooded.

They can change their body temperature to warm if they are in a cold place and cold if they are in a hot place.

They can live in trees , water and any where else in the world.

Herbivore-Herbivores eat plants. Some examples are horses, pandas, beavers and more.

Carnivore- Carnivores eat meat. Some examples are dogs, lions , tigers and more.

Omnivore- Omnivores eat meat and plants.

Some example are people, some kinds of bears and more.

Insectivore- Insectivores eat insect. Some examples are anteaters, aardvarks and more.

All mammals have hair or fur.

Most mammals have special teeth like molars and premolars.

Mammals breath with lungs.







And YOU are a mammal!

Mammals are put in to 21 different groups.

There are about 4,500 to 5,000 different species of mammals.

The very first mammals appeared about

2,000,000 years ago in the middle of the

Jurassic Period.

What do herbivores eat?

What do all mammals have?

What are the two things that all mammals are?

Where do mammals live?