Summer Project 2015

Advanced Placement World History I - Summer Project
2015 - Mrs. Lansing
Welcome to Advanced Placement World History. Over the next two years you will be expected to
maintain a high level of academic commitment to this class. Your journey begins with the successful
completion of a summer project. The summer project must be submitted by Friday August 14th. This
project consists of multiple parts. You are required to submit your work in a small, three ring binder with
labeled sections (by part). All of your responses must be typed, with the exception of the mapping
Part I- Overview of AP World History
Read pages 5-23 of the AP World History Course & Exam Description (click on the link below). Then
respond to the corresponding questions below. This reading will provide you with an overview of the
historical thinking skills this course is intended to enhance as well as the themes of world history that
provide the framework for the course. Answer the questions below.
A. Define historiography.
B. What are the Five Course Themes? Describe each of the five course themes in your own words.
C. You will need to memorize the six Unit Periods (shown on page 23) for the course, however for
section of part I you will need to:
Find one primary source document (written or an image) from each of the first FOUR units listed below.
The documents can be from region during each respective period. Respond to the relevant “questions
to ask yourself” (1-9) from the Primary Source Analysis Guide for each of the FOUR units (guide is
attached). You must include a copy of the primary sources you chose to evaluate in your project.
For example, if you select an image from a Prehistoric cave, some of the questions from the Primary
Source Analysis Guide won’t apply, but if you choose a letter written by a Christian Crusader to a King,
you will be able to respond to most, if not all of the questions on the Analysis Guide.
Unit I- Beginnings to c. 600 BCE
Unit II- c. 600 BCE- c. 600 CE
Unit III- c. 600 CE- c. 1450 CE
Unit IV- c. 1450 CE- c. 1750 CE
Unit V- c. 1750 CE- c. 1900 CE (not part of summer project)
Unit VI- c. 1900 CE to the Present (not part of summer project)
*Primary Source Analysis Guide is attached to this project outline.
APWH I Summer Project 2015| East Greenbush Central SD
Part II Mapping Activity
Create or print an outline map which you can locate and label each of the items listed below. Items
listed with a color and number can be labeled using the appropriate color/number combination. All
other items must be neatly hand drawn or outlined and clearly labeled. Your map should be at least
11x 17, but can be as large as 13x19 in size. You may have a map quiz during the first week of
school, so please study this as you complete it.
Continents (RED)
1. North America
2. South America
3. Australia
Oceans, Seas, Bays, Lakes (BLUE)
1. Atlantic Ocean
2. Pacific Ocean
3. Indian Ocean
4. Arctic Ocean
5. North Sea
6. Baltic Sea
7. English Channel
Rivers (GREEN)
1. Nile River
2. Tigris
3. Euphrates
4. Amazon River
5. Indus River
6. Yellow (Huang He) River
7. Yangtze
4. Europe
5. Antarctica
6. Asia
7. Africa
8. Mediterranean Sea
9. Adriatic Sea
10. Aegean Sea
11. Black Sea
12. Caspian Sea
13. Red Sea
14. Persian Gulf
8. Ganges River
9. Mekong
10. Congor River
11. Rhine
1. Danube
2. Niger River
Deserts (TAN or YELLOW)
1. Gobi
2. Kalahari
3. Sahara
4. Mojave
5. Arabian
6. Namib
Mountain Ranges (ORANGE ^^)
1. Himalayas
2. Hindu Kush
3. Andes
4. Sierra Madre
5. Alps
6. Appalachian
APWH I Summer Project 2015| East Greenbush Central SD
15. Arabian Sea
16. South China Sea
17. East China Sea
18. Sea of Japan
19. Caribbean Sea
20. Gulf of Mexico
7. Rocky Mountains
8. Atlas
9. Pyrenees Mountains
10. Ural Mountains
Straits (PURPLE)
1. Bosporous Strait
2. Strait of Magellan
3. Strait of Gibraltar
4. Strait of Malacca
AP World Regions- Color Code
North Africa
West Africa
East Africa
Central Africa
Southern Africa
Middle East (Southwest Asia)
East Asia
Central Asia
South Asia
Latin America & the Caribbean
North America
Western Europe
Eastern Europe
If you have any questions please contact me at In the subject heading please write
“Incoming AP student/question.”
**Please make sure your summer project has the following information on the front cover:
Mrs. Lansing
Advanced Placement World History I
Due: Friday August 14th
**You must drop off your completed summer project to the Main Office at CHS no later than 1pm.
Please be sure to place it in the correct box (marked APWH summer projects, Mrs. Lansing
I encourage you to hand it in early. Late projects will NOT BE ACCEPTED.
*Failure to complete the Summer Project will result in your immediate removal from the course.
APWH I Summer Project 2015| East Greenbush Central SD