Landform and WED Pre quiz

Landform Activity
for review
A rock heats in the desert sun,
cools at night, and cracks
A slowing stream drops its load of
Blown sand piles up along a line
of trees
Limestone at the Inner
Space Caverns in central
Texas is dissolved by water
A Galveston, TX beach shrinks
A deep hole forms at the base of a
Water seeps into a cracked brickledge,
freezes, expands, and breaks apart the brick
Blowing sand cuts a hole in a
sandstone cliff
The Colorado River flows through the
Grand Canyon
Strong breezes shift the position of a
sand dune
A town is covered in mud after a
flooded river returns to its banks
A moving mass of ice plows the
ground as it slides down the valley
Ice repeatedly forms and thaws,
expanding a crack in a rock
Roots grow into a cracked rock and
makes the crack larger
Soil is blown from a west Texas field
and lands in east Texas (The Dust Bowl)
Water dissolves buried limestone now
exposed at the surface
Moving ice pushes/scrapes up rock and
soil along side as it slides down a valley
Strong breezes pick up sand and
smoothen a boulder
The yard of a house on the beach
becomes smaller and smaller
Natural levees and a delta form at the
mouth of the Mississippi River (Louisiana)
Water from a rainstorm washes loose
soil from a flower bed onto the lawn
A river removes soil from the outside of a
curve and leaves it on the inside of a curve as it
rounds the corner
Rock tumbling downstream are
broken into smaller pieces
Rock tumbling downstream are
broken into smaller pieces