Morgan Longo, Alexa Giovanis, Maddie Kreber and Kayla Magill

Began in Canaan

4,000 years ago

Founded by Abraham

Sacred writings



Place of Worship

Temple/ synagouge

Sacred places



Dead Sea


Jewish New Year

Yom Kippur

 morning the years mistakes


Honor Israel’s enviornment


Celebrate Israelite freedom from Egyptians


Honoring of Israelite survival

Between 12-14 million followers

Located mainly in Israel

Spread through migration

Sacred writings



Reform Judaism

During French Revolution

European Jews were finally recognized as citizens

As they left the ghettos and settled into the surrounding areas they picked up the way of life of the European people

Public schools, language, neglected Jewish duties

Denounced by other Jews

Does not strictly follow Jewish laws

Orthodox Judaism

“Orthodox Judaism” is used as a more generic term to differentiate the movements following traditional practices from the Liberal Jewish movements and is the continuation of the beliefs and practices of normative


Both the written and oral tradition are of divine origin, which is believed to be the exact word of God and does not represent any human creativity or influence.

Believes that Jewish people left the slavery of Egypt and met Moses at a mountain called Sinai, where he gave them the Torah.

The first Jews to settle in England arrived with William the Conqueror in 1066.

Jews who had been forced by the Spanish Inquisition to accept Christianity arrived in London during the 16 th century and set up secret synagogues for

Jewish worship.

By the 19 th century, the Jewish community was almost wholly Orthodox, but still needed to gain acceptance as members of general society.

Conservative Judaism

It started in Western Poland in the city of Breslau, which is modern day

Wroclaw in 1854

Is traditional Judaism without fundamentalism, called “Masorti” which means traditional in Hebrew

Independent and a split halfway between Orthodox Judaism and Reform


Changes in the beliefs and values only if they coincide with Jewish tradition

The core values are:

Centrality of Israel; they not only think of Israel as the birthplace of the religion but as the final destiny

Hebrew is an irreplaceable language of Jewish expression

Devotion to all Jews; the Jewish community should be united worldwide and that every single Jew has ultimate significance

Study of the Torah; all Jews should read the Torah and experience Judaism through their own eyes instead of through the eyes of their ancestors

Belief in God

No after life

10 Commandments

Honoring the Talmud


Due to the Holocaust and Diaspora Jews became spread out. Now they have a large focus on the concentration of staying in one


Main conflicts arise from their location

Middle Easter conflict


War between Muslims, Christian and Jewish people over the holy land

Have always had conflicts in regards to

Christians wanting Jewish people to convert