Ancient Egypt Study Guide - St. Agnes Catholic School

Ancient Egypt Study Guide
Fill in the blank with the following vocabulary words:
Delta Unification
Old Kingdom Mummification
Social pyramid
Be able to locate the following things on a map:
Upper Egypt
Nile River
Red Sea
Lower Egypt Nile Delta
Mediterranean Sea
Why was the Nile River flooding the right amount each year important? Pg. 83-84
What did King Menes do for Egypt? Pg. 89
Who was Ra? Pg. 90
Why did the Egyptians preserve dead bodies as mummies? Pg. 91
Why was the Great Pyramid important? Pg. 92
What were scribes? Why were they important? Pg. 93
What is the Rosetta Stone? Pg. 94
Who were the Hyksos? Pg. 97
Who defeated the Hyksos? Pg. 97
Why was Amenhotep a great pharaoh? Pg. 98
What do you know about Hatshepsut? Why don’t we know more? Pg. 98-99
What did Akhenaton do differently in Egypt? Pg. 100
Who was the last strong pharaoh in Egypt? Pg. 100
Short Response (Practice writing these out in 2-4 COMPLETE sentences)
Explain the social pyramid in Egypt. How is that similar to life in America? How is it
different? Pg. 106
What was life like in Egypt under the Nubian and Kush kingdoms? Pg. 103-106
Write about our view of heaven as Catholics. How is this different from the Egyptian
view of the afterlife? Pg. 90-91