Week 5 My life as a teenager assessment preparation.


My life as a teenager

WALT: to improve existing work on “My life” for the controlled assessment WILF: • • • grade E : Be able to give a detailed description opinions and justifying them grade D : Grade E + talking about someone else grade C : Grade D + using past and future tenses

You have been working on Description of yourself and your family & your daily routine Task 1: Tell me about yourself – personal information, name age, physical and character description Write a detailed description of yourself. You should include: Name and age Where you live Family Physical description and Character information REFER BACK TO THE PAST PRESENTIONS AND MAKE SURE YOU HAVE COMPLETED ALL WORK & MADE THE MOST OF ALL THE VOCABULARY GIVEN TO COMPLETE TASK 1 & 2 REMEMBER THE MORE DETAIL YOU GIVE THE HIGHER THE GRADE!!!!

Task 2: Tell me about your daily routine – what is a typical day like for you?

Write a detailed description of your typical day / routine. You should include: Information about your routine ( including times) Past / future examples Linking words and key vocab Description about what someone else does.

Remember past future tenses for C grade +, opinions, linking words!

Self Assessment

Use the following check list to make sure your first draft of your controlled assessment is as good as you can possibly make it.

Tick off the statements that you have fulfilled, then go through and improve it so that you can tick off all the statements:

I have written about everything I included in my plan I have written at least 150 words (at least 3 decent paragraphs) I have organised my work, using paragraphs, so it is easy for the marker to read I have used the present tense I have used a past tense I have used a future / conditional tense I have included at least 5 adjectives (also comparatives/superlatives if you can) I have included descriptions I have given my opinions, e.g. en mi opinion, pienso que creo que I have used linking words, e.g. y pero sinembargo I have given my preferences e.g. prefiero , no me gusta I have given reasons e.g. porque I have tried to use sophisticated language and expressions I have used a variety of vocabulary, e.g. synonyms I have used a variety of structures (not too repetitive) Spellings: Check any words in the dictionary you are unsure how to spell Accents: e.g. al / a la = to, a = has, é etc– (Especially past and future tenses.

Adjectives: correct ending, gender? plural? is it irregular –e.g. bonitos / bonitas?

Verbs – Present – correct ending? e.g. hablo / hablan, is it irregular ?

Verbs – Perfect tense .

Verbs – Imperfect tense Verbs – Future – ir a + infinitive, correct part of ir eg voy, vas, va etc

Revision / Extra: www.languagesonline.org.uk

• Caminos 1 unidad 4 • New GCSE mi familia

Plenary Write down in your book: • What have you learnt today?

• 2 stars (things you have done well) • And a wish (something you wish you could do better)