Chapter 11 Review

Physical Science Chapter 11 Review
1) A location from which measurements are taken is called a _____________.
2) Quantities that have a magnitude and direction are called __________.
3) What type of quantity is velocity?
4) What is an appropriate unit for acceleration?
5) If a person walks 20 m North, and then 15 m South, what is there total (resultant) displacement?
6) What is instantaneous speed and how is it different than average speed?
7) What does the symbol ‘∆’ mean?
8) Distance-time graphs….
a. What does ‘at rest’ look like?
b. What does constant velocity look like?
c. What happens to the graph if the object gets faster?
d. What is slope equal to?
9) Velocity-time graphs…..
a. What does constant velocity look like?
b. What does ‘at rest’ look like?
c. What does acceleration look like?
d. What is slope equal to?
10) An object starts from rest and has an acceleration of 12 m/s2, how fast will it be going after 3 seconds?
11) What is the rate at which velocity changes called?
12) Drawing vectors……. The two vector arrows below represent displacements, draw the total (resultant)
displacement. Also measure the displacement (in cm and write it down).
13) What are 3 ways that an object can accelerate?
14) A runner can travel 200 meters in 25 seconds.
a. What kind of speed can be found with this information (average, or instantaneous?)
b. Calculate the speed of the runner.
15) A boy can ride his bike a distance of 400m with a constant speed of 10 m/s. How much time does it take
16) A sports car can go from 0 m/s to 30 m/s in 4.5 seconds. What is the car’s acceleration?
17) Describe the motion in each of the below graphs