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Accelerated Physics
Mr. Roberts
1D Kinematics – Quiz 1 Review
Define the following terms, indicate which terms are vectors and which are scalars, and list equations where
Position –
Distance –
Displacement –
Speed -
Velocity -
Acceleration -
Scalar –
Vector -
X= 0
Using the number line above, answer the following problems about distance and displacement for each path.
1. 𝑑𝐴→𝐢 = _______________________________
βˆ†π‘₯⃑𝐴→𝐢 = _______________________________
2. 𝑑𝐢→𝐡 = _______________________________
βˆ†π‘₯⃑𝐢→𝐡 = _______________________________
3. 𝑑𝐴→𝐢→𝐡 = _______________________________
βˆ†π‘₯⃑𝐴→𝐢→𝐡 = _______________________________
4. 𝑑𝐷→𝐡→𝐢 = _______________________________
βˆ†π‘₯⃑𝐷→𝐡→𝐢 = _______________________________
5. 𝑑𝐴→𝐷→𝐡→𝐢 = _______________________________
βˆ†π‘₯⃑𝐴→𝐷→𝐡→𝐢 = _______________________________
6. 𝑑𝐷→𝐡→𝐢→𝐷 = _______________________________
βˆ†π‘₯⃑𝐷→𝐡→𝐢→𝐷 = _______________________________
7. What must be your average speed in km/h order to travel 230 km in 3.25 hrs? [70.77 km/h]
8. Washington DC is roughly 150 miles driving distance from Conestoga. If your average speed is 65 mph how
many hours does it take to reach the Capitol? [2.31 hrs]
9. You’re about to jet off to London for a backpacking adventure through Europe. When you board the Boeing
777 the pilot announces just before take-off that your plane has an average maximum cruising speed of 950
km/h and the total flight time is 6 hours. Using this information, how far (in km) is London from
Philadelphia? [5700 km]
10. A runner ran the marathon (approximately 42.0 km) in 2 hours and 57 min. What was the average speed of
the runner in m/s? [3.95 m/s]
11. If you run a complete loop around an outdoor track of length 400 m in 100 s, find your
a. average velocity? [0 m/s]
b. average speed? [4 m/s]
12. If, in the figure shown, you start from the Bakery, travel to the Cafe, and then to the Art Gallery in 2.00
hours, what is your
a. average speed? [5.25 km/h]
b. average velocity? [1.25 km/h South]
13. A car traveling North reduces its speed from 17.7 m/s to 14.1 m/s in 12 seconds. Find the magnitude and
direction of the cars acceleration. [0.3 m/s2 South or -0.3 m/s2 𝑦̂ ]
14. A racquetball moving in the +x-direction strikes a wall with a speed of 30 m/s and rebounds in the opposite
direction with a speed of 26 m/s. The collision takes 2x10-2 s. What is the average acceleration of the ball
during the collision with the wall? [2800 m/s2 π‘₯Μ‚]
15. If a car accelerates at a uniform rate of 4.0 m/s2, how long will it take to reach a speed of 80 km/hr, starting
from rest? [5.6 s]
16. A car that is initially moving at 7.50 m/s accelerates uniformly at a rate of 0.550 m/s2. How fast is the car
moving 3 seconds later? [9.15 m/s]