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Physics Test 1 Outline

Test 1 Outline
Chapter 1: The science of physics
● Explain: What is physics?
● Differentiate between the different areas of physics
● Identify a system vs. a model
● Apply units of the SI system to values (including using prefixes 1012-10-12)
● Convert between different units values
● Use dimensional analysis to solve problems
● Differentiate between accuracy and precision
● Understand and apply rules of significant figures
● Able to graph data and read graphs
● Calculate slope
Chapter 2: One dimensional motion
● Frame of Reference
● Displacement vs. Distance
● Speed vs. Velocity
● Average vs. Instantaneous Velocity
● Calculate displacement
● Calculate average Velocity
● Reading Position vs. Time graphs, Velocity vs. Time graphs, & Acceleration vs.
Time graphs
● How does acceleration affect velocity
● Calculate acceleration
● Calculate displacement with constant acceleration
● Calculate velocity with constant acceleration
● Calculate final velocity given displacement
● Identify free fall acceleration
● Apply free fall to one dimensional motion equations
● Identify free fall acceleration given mass