The French and Indian War

The French and Indian War
1754 – 1763
Who was Involved?
France vs. England in America; they
were bitter enemies
French allies:
– Algonquians & Hurons & Spanish
English allies:
– Iroquois & American colonists
General George Washington = England
Spanish vs. English fighting for Florida
Land Grab: France occupied the middle
area of current day, U.S.A. (along the
Mississippi River) and Quebec and
eastern Canada
France and local Natives of the area
(Algonquians & Hurons) = FRIENDS
American colonists = were ENGLISH
English and Iroquois = ALLIES
Turning Points
French & English – fighting also in
Europe (Seven Years War)
France’s continued neglect of N.
American fight eventually turned in
favor of British; British winning
Quebec and all of eastern Canada
Treaty of Paris – Britain gained all French
land east of the Mississippi River (including
Proclamation of 1763 – line drawn at
Appalachian Mountains (reserving land on
the western side for Native Americans)
Native Americans on all sides… lose! (English
cut off ties with Iroquois, French left the area
where Algonquians & Hurons were)
Florida given to England; land west of
Mississippi (Louisiana Territory) given to
Spain for helping France
Impact on the American
American colonists will unite and work
together to fight the French
American colonists had to pay high taxes
for war expenses  NO TAXATION
1. T/F The French and Indian War was a
war between the French versus the Native
2. T/F George Washington was a red coat
during this war.
3. What war was the European version of
the French and Indian War?
4. After the war was fought, what did
England create to stop American colonists
from taking over previously French
controlled land?
5. Why were the colonists angry about
being taxed more after the French and
Indian War?