Human Rights Issues in China

In your groups you will…

• Research and collect materials for all the groups to use for their documentaries.

• Use the internet to find, articles, pictures, opinions, video and more.

• You need to filter out the good stuff from the bad.

• You need to do a short presentation to the rest of the group explaining your issue.

Where to search

• Google

• Wikipedia is useful, look at the references at the bottom of the article.


• Look in national newspaper websites

• Make sure that when you use the internet to find information that you research, not just search. Google may return the most information but good research uses quality not quantity.





• Use the other websites listed to help you find what you are looking for. Once you have the information remember to use CARS for safe navigation on the

'Information Highway'

• C - Credible, is the author well known and respected

• A - Authenticity, is it trustworthy

• R - Reasonable, objective

• S - Support, corroboration with other information, does it link to other sites.


Falun Gong

Tiananmen Square

The One Child Policy

Press Freedom, Freedom of

Speech, Freedom of Internet

Where is this?

• Branded an “Endemic Surveillance Society” Has one camera for every 13 people.

• The worlds third largest user of cluster bombs over the last 10 years

• You can be detained without trial for a month

• Campaigning against laws to stop deportations of suspects to countries where torture is used

• Bans unauthorised protests within 1km of their parliament.

• Police can stop and search anyone

• Children as young as 10 can have orders put on them banning them from certain areas.

• Is a nuclear superpower

• Has one of the highest prison populations per capita in the world

• Unlimited house arrests and restrictions on suspects accused of terror.

• Government plans to hold 52 pieces of information on every individual living in the country.

• Has a history in the slave trade and colonisation and exploitation of much of the world.

it is… Great Britain!

• It is easy to make any country sound negative.

• Remember there are two sides to every story

• Though we have looked at many negative aspects of China today there are many positive sides too.

Next Week

• Trip to China Town

• We have 2 video cameras to take with. We can take digital cameras but it may be easier if you use your camera phones.