Example for this book report.

Book Report Quarter # 1
Worth 200 pgs / DUE:____________
You must complete a book talk on this book or your book report will receive an F!
LA 3 / Ms. Jackson
CA Standard 2.2 Write responses to Literature / Common Core Reading and writing grounded in evidence
from text
After reading your novel, determine one of the major themes in your book. Create a statement that you believe
best describes the theme of your novel:
Examples: Wealth destroys people’s traditional values and morals; People can control their own fate; The
government should not have too much control; Society does not have the right to oppress a race or class of people.
This statement will be the title of your essay.
Find a news article that captures the meaning of your statement. In an essay, explain how the news article
connects to both the statement and events in your book report book. Be sure to use specific examples from, both,
the article and your book report book. Be sure to mention the titles and authors of both your news article and your
novel in the introduction of your essay.
For example, if you were doing a book report on Antigone by Sophocles, you might write an essay with the theme,
“Breaking the law is sometimes necessary”. You would then look for a current event that would have a similar
theme. Try using Google news to start your search. It is also a good idea to talk to a friend or family member who
is aware of current events. The article, “Syrian rebels in high spirits despite rising casualties” from Business Live
talks of Syrian rebels who are breaking the law to seek medical assistance. Your essay would then compare
breaking the law in Antigone and breaking the law in Syria and Jordan.
Your book title:_____________________________________
Your book’s author:___________________________________
Thematic Statement:___________________________________________________________________
Article Title: ____________________________________________________________
Article’s author and source:________________________________________________
Evidence from Book
Evidence from Article
You are graded on the six score points rubric. You will be assessed on the following:
a. response to the topic
b. understanding and use of the passages (novel and news article)
c. quality and clarity of thought
d. organization, development, and support
e. syntax and command of language
f. grammar, usage, and mechanics
Be sure to correctly punctuate book and magazine titles.
Be sure to include a thesis in your introductory paragraph.
Be sure to include quotes or paraphrasing from both the novel and the article.
Be sure to use MLA format.
Be sure to avoid plagiarism by citing all of your sources.
Thesis Statements
Usually 1 sentence
Subject + opinion + plan
Answers the prompt
Roadmap to your essay
Occasion/Position statements work really well! (Although____,______)
First or last sentence in your introductory paragraph!
Example for this book report.
A thesis for this prompt should include some sort of opinion on the extent to which Buck’s novel and the article relate
to the thematic statement you have selected.
Bad-The Good Earth is written by Pearl S. Buck and the article is about women.
Good-Although The Good Earth is about the life of a Chinese farmer, and the article was written in 2012, they share the
theme of women not being equal to men.
Better Although The Good Earth is about the life of a Chinese farmer, and the article was written in 2012, they share the
theme of women not being equal to men; both of these texts teach today’s women that sexism still exists.