“Failed Peace” last set of notes for the unit!!!

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• “Failed Peace” last set of notes for the unit!!!
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The Treaty of Versailles
• Now that the war was “over,” Wilson traveled to France to help the
Allies set the terms of peace (remember moral diplomacy?)
• He finally deemed the world “safe for democracy”
• 1st U.S. Pres. to meet foreign leaders on foreign soil
• Hopes were high!
Wilson’s 14 Points Peace Plan
• Wilson honestly wanted
world peace
• Europe honestly wanted
revenge & to punish the
Germans for the war
• Fourteen Points: 1918
President Wilson’s peace
plan for post WW1 to avoid
future wars
Wilson’s 14 Points Peace Plan
1. An end to secret agreements
• Secrecy had encouraged a messy web of rival alliances
that had helped lead to war
2. Freedom of the seas & free trade
3. Create free trade among nations
4. Reduce and limit arms.
5. National self-determination: right of national
groups to have their own territory & forms of gov’t
Wilson’s 14 Points Peace Plan
14. League of Nations:
association of nations formed
after WW1 under Wilson’s 14
point plan intended to protect
the independence of all
countries—large or small
• “Justice to all people &
nationalities with their right to
live on equal terms of liberty &
safety with one another, whether
weak or strong”
• + promotes peace & democracy
• - too vague, non-realistic, not all
Allies wanted the same thing
Paris Peace Conference
• Diplomats from 30+
nations met at Paris &
Versailles to negotiate 5
separate peace treaties
• Key issues were decided
by the leaders of the
Allied nations
– Big Four: U.S. Britain,
France, Italy
– Russia (now Communist)
was not invited!!!
Disagreement Among the Allies
• Wilson wanted “peace without victory” = opposed
punishing the defeated powers (already lost :-/)
• Other Allies wanted revenge
– Reparations: cash payments for the losses they had suffered
during the war
– “War Guilt Clause”: Germany accepts responsibility for the war
Harsh Terms for
June 1919
• Treaty of Versailles: treaty signed on June 28th,
1919 by Germany & the Allies; formally placed the
responsibility for the war on Germany and its allies
– Germany wasn’t even allowed to send delegates to the
peace talks
• Do you think that’s constructive or unconstructive? Why?
– None of the Allies were satisfied (it’s hard to please
Treaty of Versailles
- Germany had to pay Allies HUGE reparations
• Cost of pensions for Allied soldiers/ their widows & children
• Reparation costs would exceed $300 billion
– Do you think a country that just LOST a war would be able to choke that up?
– Alsace-Lorraine was returned to France
– Germany was stripped of its overseas colonies (now under GB or
The Fight for the Versailles Treaty
• Majority favored the treaty
– peace
• A minority opposed it
– Too soft on defeated powers
– German-Americans thought it
too harsh
– Used as a Republican platform
to rip Wilson (D) apart
– Isolationists: people who
wanted the U.S. to stay out of
world affairs & opposed the
The Defeated Treaty
• Wilson wouldn’t budge on how crucial his LON was…but
people didn’t want it as much as he did
• He go so stressed out promoting it that he had a stroke
• Loose ends at the end of a war would now serve as a
platform for future wars