Kingdom Protista and Fungi Review 2

Kingdom Protista and Fungi Review
Protist are made of _______________ cells.
2. Protists may move by _____________, ______________ or pseudopods.
Organisms that are made up of one cell are called __________.
Organisms that are made up of more than one cell are called ______________.
Protista are unicellular/multicellular. (circle)
How do Protista obtain their energy?
7. Do protists have a cell wall? Y or N
8. Why are protists significant? (recall research we completed in computer lab)
9. How are members of Kingdom Fungi Classified?
10. List 3 characteristics of Fungi and explain each.
11. List an example and /or common name of each group of fungi below.
a. Ascomycota
b. Basidomycota
c. Zygomycota
d. Deuteromycota
12. Cell type:
13. How are hyphae structurally important to Fungi?
14. Are Fungi multicellular or unicellular?
15. Explain how Fungi obtain their energy.
16. What is a saprobe?
17. List at least 4 reasons why it is important for us to study Fungi?