Answer the questions in your notebook: Starch is a type of

Answer the questions in your notebook:
1. Starch is a type of carbohydrate. What foods have starch? Complex carbohydrate; foods made from plants have
carbohydrates; potatoes, onions and other root vegetables are made of starch.
2. Name the three main types of lipids? Fats, oils and waxes
3. List three healthy sources of protein and three healthy sources of lipids.
Proteins: meat, eggs, dairy products; also beans
Lipids: olive oil, avocados, eggs, dairy
4. Lipids are important to the health of what body system? Nervous system (including the brain)
5. You need nitrogen in order for your body to make DNA for new cells. How do you get nitrogen into your body? By
eating food that comes from animals and plants.
6. What is the definition of an organic compound? A compound that contains carbon because it comes from a living
7. Make a Venn diagram comparing lipids and carbohydrates.
Only carbs
Only lipids
Carbohydrates can be stored as starch
in plants
Both contain carbon, hydrogen and
oxygen atoms
Lipids hold more energy (more energy
rich compound carbohydrates)
Carbohydrates are a quick energy
Both are organic compounds
Essential to brain function and nervous
system function
Examples are glucose, sugar, and starch
Both are used by cells as an energy
Both are needed to make cell
membranes (are part of the cell
Examples are fats, oils and waxes