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People First Language

“People First Language puts the person before the disability and describes what a person has, not who a person is .”

Kathie Snow. (n.d.) A few words about People First Language. Disability is Natural. Retrieved

August 1, 2012 from http://www.disabilityisnatural.com/images/PDF/pfl-sh09.pdf


• Project

– Interim

– BESE Approval of LSU Contract

– Thank you for a successful Jan. 22 PD Event!

Mentor Districts

Mentor districts will be hosting events throughout the year; all districts will be invited to attend

• East Carroll

• Vermilion

• Calcasieu

• Livingston

*Hard copy in your folder

*Reminder to check www.laspdg.org


*Monthly emails will still be sent

SPDG Day is now Tuesday

April 21, 2015 at Lod Cook


Webinar Wednesday Topics

Date Time

2/4 10:00 am

Focus Area

Data Based


2/11 10:00 am

Culturally Responsive



Triangulating of Data to Measure

Implementation of SPDG Focus Areas

Webinar URL http://connect.lsu.edu/dbdmfeb2015/

Addressing Discipline:

Data, Polices & Practices http://connect.lsu.edu/crpfeb2015/

2/25 10:00 am Inclusive Practices

Keeping it all Together: The Importance of

Using Student Data Binders for

Students with Disabilities http://connect.lsu.edu/ipfeb2015/

3/4 10:00 am Family Engagement

Connecting the Dots:

Linking Family Engagement to

Student Learning http://connect.lsu.edu/femar2015/

Each district has a set of Webinar Wednesday Flyers in their manila district folder

• All resources from today can be found at www.laspdg.org





Networking/Collaboration Activity

• Whole group discussion

• LEA Share Out

Toni Bennett

Inclusive Practices



Toni Bennett

Inclusive Practices

Focus Area

• Culturally Responsive Practices

• Family Engagement


Responsive Practices

Addressing Discipline: Data,

Polices & Practices

Each district has a set of the draft copy of this guide in their manila district folder

The purpose of this guidebook is to assist educators in:

• interpreting and analyzing student population behavior data,

• determining the root causes of referrals, suspensions and/or expulsions,

• developing an action plan for systemic change to prevent high rates of suspensions/expulsions from recurring.

Addressing Discipline: Data, Polices &


Guide Book

• Completed by District

Teams, Administrators, and


• Components

– Data Discovery Chart

– Guiding Questions-Policy

– Guiding Questions-Practices

– Action Plan

Resource Book

• Policies

• Tools

Family Engagement

Data & Budget

Budget Review

• Reimbursements should be submitted on a quarterly basis, due on or before:

– October 3, 2014

– January 2, 2015

– April 3, 2015

– June 30, 2015

• Revisions-submitted to swhitm1@Lsu.edu

prior to Egrants

SPP Indicator 5

• Educational Environment – (Placement) setting where SWD are served

SPP 5a - Inside the regular class 80% or more of the day

(General Education Placement)

SPP 5c - Inside the regular class less than 40% of the day

(Self-Contained Placement)

Proposed SPP Target for Indicator 5

Review LEA 2014-2015 Placement DATA

Other Proposed Indicator Targets


Review 2014-2015

Plan 2015-2016


• Documentation

– Agenda

– Sign in Sheets

– Evaluations (Knowledge and Skills)

– Submit to project staff

• If there is a change in consultants, please let us know ASAP

As your review your budgets, consider:

• Consultants

• Topics/Focus Area

• Dates/Times/Locations

Building Capacity

• When you leave today, what will you do with this information?

• How will you share it with others in your district?

• When will you share it? (Timeline)

See you April 21, 2015 at


Please complete an evaluation-

Safe Travels!