AIM: How did the Renaissance change people's view of the world?

AIM: How did the Renaissance change
people’s view of the world?
DO NOW: What is the meaning of the term
“Renaissance?” Why is this term used to
describe this period of European history?
HOMEWORK : What is the meaning of
“humanism?” How would a humanist’s
view of the world (or the individual) differ
from a medieval person’s views? Answer in
at least two paragraphs.
The word “Renaissance” means
• The word “Renaissance” means rebirth.
• It was a time of rediscovery. Renaissance
thinkers were increasingly interested in
science and the arts. They were less
interested in religious answers.
• They also looked to past civilizations like
the Greeks and Romans for inspiration.
Renaissance thinkers were interested
in discovering new ways of thinking
and seeing.
Activity #1:
Humanism was a philosophy followed by writers that started in 14th century (13001399) Italy. It was part of the Italian Renaissance. Humanists believed in the following
• Writing about everyday life. During the Middle Ages, writers wrote about religious
topics. Humanists writers and humanists artists were more interested in the world
they lived in.
• Studying about and copying ideas from ancient Greek and Roman civilizations. They
were very interested in the Greek and Roman ideas that each person has dignity and
that life had more meaning than preparing to go to heaven.
• Getting a good education. Humanists also used common everyday language. During
the Middle Ages, most books and all education were in Latin. Humanist writers wrote
in national languages such as French, Italian and German. Universities started to
teach in these languages. This made it easier for people to understand. It also meant
that the Church, which used Latin in its services and which wrote the Bible in Latin,
lost some of its power to control education.
Questions: Answer all questions in full sentences in your notebook.
1. What was humanism?
2. List three ideas humanists believed in?
3. Why did writing in national languages make humanists more popular?
• During the Renaissance, humanism
became popular.
• Humanism is the belief that human
actions, ideas, and works are important.
• Humanists rediscovered the ancient
Greeks and Romans.
During the
became popular.
It was the belief
in the importance
and uniqueness
of man.
• During the Renaissance, secularism
became popular.
• Secularism is a non-religious viewpoint.
• Secularists look to scientific thinking for
answers as opposed to religion.
Secularists look to scientific thinking
for answers.
Activity #2:
• “It is fitting for a man to come from a noble birth…gifted by nature
and beauty…to have grace…it is fitting also to know how to swim, to
leap, to run, to throw stones…Another admirable exercise, is the
game of tennis…Let him be versed in poetry, and not less in the
orators (makes speeches in public) and historians, especially in this
vulgar tongue of ours; for besides the enjoyment he will find in it, he
will by this means never lack agreeable entertainment with the
ladies, who are usually fond ( to like) of such things…When dancing
in the presence of many and in a place full of people, it seems to me
that he should preserve a certain dignity (pride), even if tempered
with an airy grace of movement…”
-Renaissance Manners by Baldassare Castiglione
Do you think you would enjoy knowing this kind of person that
Castiglione describes? Why or why not?
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