Unit 1 Review_5

•Unit Intro
•Native American Origin
•Christopher Columbus
•John Smith
•William Bradford
•Olaudah Equiano
•Bradstreet and Taylor
•Jonathan Edwards
Jamestown was the first colony, more than a century
after finding America
Columbus landed in 1492
Native Americans were here sometime between 12,000
and 70,000 years ago
Separatists sailed in 1620 and founded Plymouth
Puritans found the Massachusetts Bay Colony
Southern colonies were warmer and had more slaves
Native American myths told by word of mouth
Puritans believed strongly in education
Few southern writers before 1750
Onondaga, Navajo, Modoc, Iroquois four
major tribes
Onondaga lived in now central New York State
Navajo lived in southwest American and is
largest today
Modoc lived in Oregon and Northern California
Iroquois lived in Northeastern America
Onondaga wrote The World on Turtle’s Back
The World on Turtle’s Back is a origin myth that
says the world started on a turtles back
Modoc wrote When Grizzlies Walked
 The stories says that humans are a crossbreed of Gods and grizzle bears
 The Navajo Origin Legend states that
everything was created in 12 days and
there was ceremonies done by the gods
 The Iroquois Constitution was an alliance
drawn up to united the Native American
Was opposed with Marco Polo
 Convinced Queen Isabella to found his
 Did not know he found America
 Wrote Journal of the First Voyage to
North America
 Made the New World sound great
 Made himself seem great in his writing
 Landed in 1492 in the Caribbean
 Helped make Jamestown the first
successful colony in North America
 Embellished his writings with his own pen
 Wrote the General History of Virginia
 He wrote in the third person at times
 He made himself sound amazing
 Not a very nice guy
Governor of Plymouth for 31 years
 Was a great leader
 Wrote Of Plymouth Plantation
 Wrote in puritan plain style
 He was beloved by his fellow colonists
 He told things for how they were in his
Was the son of a tribal leader
 Brought to America at the age of eleven
 Bought his freedom with money he
saved up
 Wrote the Interesting Narrative of the Life
of Olaudah Equiano
 The book was about his life as a slave
 He spoke out against slavery everywhere
Bradstreet was a women who wrote
poetry and that was bad
 She wrote a poem called “To My Dear
and Loving Husband”
 It was a sin to write about anything but
 The poem told all about her love for her
 She wrote in the Puritan Plain Style
Taylor was a teacher, minister and
 Only published two poems in his life
 Thought his connection with God was