EPC Exhibit 135-9.2

EPC Exhibit 135-9.2
March 29, 2012
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Nordic countries and Finland
On December 15, 2011, Magdalena Svanberg (National Library of Sweden) proposed the
addition of the term “Nordic countries” to T2—48:
The Nordic countries is a term for Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden
and their associated territories, the Faroe Islands, Greenland and Åland. We would like
this term mentioned in a class here note under T2—48.
This proposal was amended by Elise Conradi (National Library of Norway) on January
23, 2012, to account for a narrower meaning of “Scandinavia”:
Scandinavia only includes Denmark, Norway and Sweden. We would like to include
Finland in the class heading, since Finland also appears in T2—48 (and 948). This
addition would mirror the treatment of Scandinavian and Finnish philosophy at 198.
As mentioned by Elise, we seem to have used the term “Scandinavia” in a broader sense
to also include Finland, Iceland, and the Faeroes. Unfortuntely, as she also notes, we have
not been consistent in our usage, as the caption of 198 “Philosophy of Scandinavia and
Finland” shows, meaning the same area as covered by T2—48 (but excluding Iceland and
the Faeroes, which are structurally subordinate to T2—48).
The adoption of the narrower meaning of Scandinavia would not only affect the captions
of T2—48 and 948, but also the corresponding classes for (history of) the ancient world
T2—368 and 936.8. The changes for T2—48 and 948 are straightforward:
*Scandinavia and Finland
Including *Barents Sea region, *North Calotte, *Sápmi (Lapland)
Class here *Nordic countries, *northern Europe
Subdivisions are added for Scandinavia and Finland together, for
Scandinavia alone
For northwestern islands, see —491
(Option: Class here ancient Scandinavia; prefer —363)
*Scandinavia and Finland
Class here Nordic countries, northern Europe
Subdivisions are added for Scandinavia and Finland together, for
Scandinavia alone
For the ancient world the situation is more complicated as ancient history of Finland is
classed with the modern history number. Thus, Finland does not have to be added to the
captions at T2—368 and 936.8. Because some definitions of Scandinavia include
Finland, a see-also reference for Finland replace the however-clause at T2—368 and the
see reference at 936.8. (In addition, the “to 481” should be after Denmark in example at
Scandinavia to 481 [formerly —363]
Add to base number —368 the numbers following —48 in
—481-489, e.g., Denmark to 481 —3689; however, for Finland,
see —4897
See also —4897 for Finland to 481
(Option: Class Scandinavia to 481 in —48; class Norway to 481 in
—481; class Sweden to 481 in —485; class Denmark to 481 in
*Scandinavia to 481 [formerly 936.3]
For Finland to 481, see 948.9701
See also 948.9701 for Finland to 481
(Option: Class in 948.012)
Torne Valley
Magdalena wrote:
Torne valley is the valley of Torne River. Torne River forms the border between
Sweden and Finland. The Swedish municipalities are Kiruna, Pajala, Övertorneå,
Haparanda. The Finnish part of Torne Valley is situated in Laplands county. We
would like Torne Valley mentioned in DDC. A search for Tornedalen as a subject
heading i Libris, the Swedish union catalogue, results in 260 hits.
The usual practice in Table 2 is to give the river, not the valley associated with the river,
and only at the comprehensive notation for the river. The asterisk given before the name
indicates that parts of the river and its valley are in a different notation. The upper
portition of the Torne River is only in Sweden; thus, T2—4888 is the comprehensive
location of the river.
Norrbotten County (Norrbottens län)
Including *Lappland province (Lappland landskap), Norrbotten
province (Norrbotten landskap); *Torne River