Ramiro's Zebra Report

Ramiro’s Zebra Report
A Power point On zebra’s
What is a zebra?
• Zebras were the second species to
diverge from the earliest proto-horses
• Zebras are part of the horse family native
to eastern, southern and southwestern
• Zebras are generally 8ft long, stand 4-5ft
at the shoulder, and weigh around 660 lbs.
The stripes! An Adaptation
• They are best known for their distinctive
white and black stripes
• which come in different patterns unique to
each individual.
• Some zoologists believe that the stripes
act as a camouflage mechanism.
The Zebras Ancestor and Living
• The quagga is an extinct subspecies of the
plains zebra which was once found in
great numbers in South Africa.
• Equidae is the family of horse-like
animals, the horse ,donkey or ass are
!Zebra Land! The Fields
• African zebras live in the southern African
savannas, where there is a large supply of
grass for them to eat, and a lake near by
for them to drink from.
• A Savannah is a grassy plain with few
trees, mostly all zebra live in sub desserts,
plains, and bushy grassland savannas.
The top of the food chain!=(
• Small animals eat plants or bugs, larger
animals then eat them, with even larger
animals eating them.
• The zebra eats grass for its food. And
who eats the zebra? Larger predators like
the lion eat the zebra.
This is How Zebras Pipe!
• I don’t know what's with zebras but hey
looks tight!
• This Power Point Was Brought to u by
• ZEBRA CAKES, a Little Debbie Snack