Suggested Interview Questions

Suggested Interview Questions for
Tony Perkins
author of No Fear
1. Why is No Fear such a needed book for the current times in which we live?
2. In No Fear, you combine modern-day stories of courage with biblical stories such as those of
Gideon and Daniel. Tell us about Gideon. What made him available to God to be used in a
courageous and powerful way? Was he seeking to be used by the Lord? How does his story relate
to the modern-day stories you include in your book?
3. You write in your book that “Whenever God was up to something big—on the eve of a great,
history-changing event—He spoke a clear, concise command to ordinary people who were about
to do extraordinary things through Him. Can you give an example of this from Scripture?
4. How do we encourage our children to be strong in standing for truth in our culture?
5. Tell us about Chad Farnan, who you profiled in your book. How did his faith grow as he took a
stand against the attacks his history teacher made on his faith?
6. You say that increasingly, ordinary people (like the ones you feature in your book) will be faced
with the decision to either act or stand on the sidelines as their faith and values are threatened.
How can Christians prepare themselves to defend their beliefs?
7. In No Fear, you also include a story about Mariam, a Sudanese woman who was jailed and
sentenced to die because she was a Muslim who would not recant her Christian faith. Why did
you include this story in your book?
8. You say that “almost every day we have opportunities to publicly acknowledge our faith in
Jesus.” What is the difference between openly acknowledging your faith in Christ and imposing
your faith on others?
9. You’ve stood for biblical truth and values in the marketplace for a number of years. How do you
continue to fight these major battles—usually under intense opposition—without giving up?
10. Is there a current battle for truth that you are engaged in now that you’d like to share?
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