The Roaring Twenties

The Roaring
Americans want to return to
normal times
Return To Normal Times
 By
the start of the 1920’s, Americans were
tired of war
 They wanted a return to “normal” times
 Americans wanted the country less
involved in world affairs
What helped Americans
returned to Normal Times?
 Warren
G. Harding (R) runs for president in
1920 promising a “return to normalcy”
He is elected in a landslide
Warren G. Harding
 Former
senator from Ohio
 Vice President is Calvin Coolidge
 Harding is not interested in “heroics, but
 Takes office in 1921
Harding’s Presidential
 Emergency
Quota Act
Limits immigration to the U.S.
 Raised
tariff on imported goods
 Creates Bureau of the Budget
Oversee’s Veteran’s Bureau
Scandal Under Harding
 Several
of Harding’s appointees use their
offices to make personal profits
 Teapot Dome Scandal
Harding’s Secretary of the Interior rents U.S.
oil fields to businessmen for a $400,000
 Attorney
General and Veteran’s Bureau
Chief charged with fraud and bribery
 Harding dies in office on 8/2/1923
Teapot Dome Scandal
President Coolidge
 Man
of few words – showed little emotion
On hearing of his death, poet Dorthy Parker
remarks: “How could they tell?”
 Believed
that “the business of America is
Supporter of the business community
Felt gov’t control and regulation of business
hurt the economy
He was against Progressive reforms
Election of 1924
Coolidge is
confident of the
nations future
Economy was
Lives of Americans
were improving
“Keep cool with
Coolidge’s 2nd Term
Promotes economic development at home
and peace abroad
Reduces government spending and
corporate taxes
Encouraged nations to destroy their weapons
Kellogg-Briand Pact (1928)
Outlawed war
Americans were content to ignore foreign
affairs because of the booming economy at
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