Evolution Review: SBI3U Unit Test: Monday November 23rd, 2015

Evolution Review: SBI3U
Unit Test: Monday November 23rd, 2015
Know the following terms for the test:
 Adaptation (physiological, behavioural, structural)
 Homologous, Analogous and Vestigial Structures
 Gene pool
 Speciation
 Selective advantage
 Variation
 Monoculture
 Mimicry
 Selective Pressure
 Artificial Selection
 Extinct
 Fitness
 Mutation
Know the following examples from the notes or textbook for the test:
 Drug-resistant bacteria
 Peppered moths
Know the following theories:
 Darwin
o What did he study and why?
o Contribution to the Theory of evolution
 Cuvier
 Lamark
 Lyell
o Contribution to theory of evolution
Evidence for Evolution
 Fossil Evidence (transitional fossils)
 DNA Evidence
 Biogeography
 Anatomy
 Embryology
Factors that Affect Frequencies in Populations
 Mutations
 Gene Flow
 Non-Random Mating
 Genetic Drift (Founder Effect and Bottleneck Effect)
 Natural Selection (Stabilizing, Directional, Disruptive Selection)
Reproductive Isolation in regards to speciation
 Know examples of pre and post zygotic isolating mechanisms
o Behavioral, habitat, temporal, mechanical, gametic
o Hybrid inviability, hybrid sterility, hybrid breakdown