Capitalization & Punctuation
When do we Use Capital Letters?
1. Use a capital letter for the personal pronoun 'I‘
2. Use a capital letter to begin a sentence or to begin
3. Use capital letters for many abbreviations and
4. Use capitals for names of people, places, countries,
and book titles.
When do we Use Capital Letters?
What can I say? I went to Australia.
Johnny was fascinated. The book was titled, Mysteries.
The man arrived. He sat down. He saw the Calgary Tower.
Suddenly Mary asked, “Do you love me?”
G.M.T. or GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) is an abbreviation.
Where do the capital letters go?
what time do i have to be there
he went to the gym to play basketball with eric
i will find some ice today, before i go to japan on december 15th
the boy swam he saw the whale
everyday, i go to the store to buy groceries, including oranges
Today, i saw a giant darner, which is the largest dragonfly in the us.
are we going on monday or tuesday
We live in calgary, near the rocky mountains.
johnny went to visit dr. chan.
golden retrievers are a popular dog in canada.
More Examples:
ama, also called alberta’s motor association, helps to tow cars
Susan speaks french and spanish, but english is her first language
The cat’s name was Meow, and she was very furry.
in some asian countries, buddhism has many followers.
do you enjoy drinking tropicana, 7up, pepsi, pink soda, or water?
My dad drives a honda, and he bought his car at glenview auto sales.
we are going on a road trip to bc, to visit captain smith
Have you seen the eiffel tower? is it on oxford street
we went to the north pole to view jupiter and mars
the titanic is a fairly old ship, and there is a book called, the titanic
there is an insect called a ladybug, that comes from the family
coccinellidae, which belongs to the order coleoptera.
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End Punctuation
Sentences will end with one of the following:
• Period
Used to end most sentences
Johnny went to the store.
• Exclamation mark
“Ah! We won!”
Used to express surprise, joy, pleading, pain, calling to attention, shouting, commands, and loud
• Question mark
Where did he go?
Used when asking a question. Usually contains the words why, where, who what, how. Also
includes sentences that start with will, does, has, was, is, etc.
• Quotation marks
“ ”
“Hello? Is anybody there?”
Used when someone is speaking
<< For Gr. 4
Question mark, period, or exclamation mark?
Ah, that feels good __
Wow__ I feel great __
Oh dear__ Does it hurt __
"It's hot today __" "Eh __" "I said it's hot today __”
"Lima is the capital of...er...Peru __”
Dear me__ That's a surprise __
"Let's go, shall we __”
• Well, what did he say __
• "Ouch __ That hurts __”
• "Hmm ___ I'm not so sure ___”
• Where did he go ____ I know ___
• Boom ___ the car exploded
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