Peek at the Week Miss Mullahy & Mrs. Galipeau March 25, 2013 We

Miss Mullahy & Mrs. Galipeau
March 25, 2013
We are wrapping us our unit on the U,S, A. We learned all about how the bald eagle is a symbol of the U.S. as
well as many facts about bald eagles by reading several nonfiction books. We also reviewed the word extinct
and discussed the word endangered. After learning facts about the bald eagle we learned about the Statue of
Liberty as a gift from France and a symbol of freedom. This week we will learn about the Liberty Bell and each
student will make a, “Mini Book of American Symbols,” for their book basket.
Last week we learned many new vocabulary words by reading the book, Seeds. After learning words such as
bulb, seed, roots, stem, pit, and sprouts, we created a list of nouns. The students seem to have a great grasp
on nouns, verbs, and adjectives and we will continue to review them as we read more stories! Last week we also
added three new words to our word wall: all, one, and zero. We focused on the letter Ff and added, “Funny
Fish,” to our song and poem binder.
We had a great time talking about spring, though we didn’t have great examples of it outside our window! We
made a list as a class of what we think of when we think of springtime and then wrote journal entries about
spring. This week we will continue to talk about and write about spring; hopefully with better weather as
inspiration! We have continued to read Dr. Seuss stories. We were inspired to make a list of word families
found in Dr. Seuss books after reading, Hop on Pop. We listed word families found in, Hop on Pop, as well as,
The Cat in the Hat. These word families were –ed, -at, -op, -all, and –ing.
In math, we focused on measurement. We discussed what kinds of things we measure and what tools we use to
measure them. We had a great time measuring things in our classroom and exploring length using unifix cubes.
We made guesses as to how many cubes long certain items in our classroom would be and then we measured
them. Later in the week, each student chose a partner to help them measure themselves! They measured their
hands, feet, arms, legs, and bodies with unifix cubes! They had a great time connecting cubes with a partner to
see how many more cubes they needed to reach their head! This served as great counting practice for us! Also,
our study on the Statue of Liberty inspired us to do some measuring as well. After learning that the Statue’s
foot was 25 feet long, we stood shoulder to shoulder to see whether we were longer or shorter. We were 3
feet shorter than the Statue of Liberty’s foot!
In religion, we read Dr. Seuss’, The Sneetches. We made text to world connections and discussed how the
story reminded us of America. In the story, the star bellied sneetches were discriminating against those
without star bellies, ultimately realizing that it did not matter what they looked like and that everyone should
be treated with the same fairness. With Lent nearing an end and Easter upon us, we read Peter Cottontail and
watched, “A Veggie Tales Easter,” which is similar to, “A Christmas Carol”. This movie taught about the real
meaning of Easter and whose life and death we are really celebrating during this Easter time. We will learn
much more about why we celebrate Easter this week. .
With cold season over, we are running low on tissues and paper towels! Any donations would be a great help to
our classroom! Homework and book in a bag will resume after the break as well as Star of the Week. Again, we
are creating a movie basket for the transportation fair this year! Please send your $5.00 donations in labeled
for Denise DelSignore. Thank you! Here are the sight words up to this point: I, am, little, for, he, we, like, my,
have, a, to, is, the, me, with, she, see, look, all, one and zero
*Show and Tell: The girls will go on Monday and the boys will go on Wednesday. Thank you!*
*The kids seem to be very hungry every day around 2:10. If you would like your child to have an afternoon
snack, please pack and label one for them.*
*Please make sure all clothing items are labeled with your child's initials. Thank you very much!*
This Week’s Specials:
Monday – Music
Tuesday - P.E.
Wednesday – Art Thursday - P.E., Library
Friday - Spanish, Technology
Important Dates
March 28
Holy Thursday – No School
Good Friday – No School
April 1-5 Spring Break – No School
Spring Concert K-6 7:00pm
Library Books: Kindergarteners Library check-out day will on Thursdays. Please make sure your child has
his/her library book to be returned on Thursday so they can check out a new book that day!
Snack : Please be sure to pack snacks that are nut-free. Students may eat peanut butter for lunch in the
cafeteria. If you would like to send in a treat for your child’s birthday, it must be nut-free and must not have
been produced in a factory that makes peanut or tree nut products. This information can be found on food
labels. Please let us know if you are ever unsure. Thank you
Book Orders: If you would like to order books from Scholastic, please send your order back in or place your
order online and use our classroom code! Thank you for your orders! We now have points to purchase more
books for our classroom library! Classroom Code: L2XT2
Star of the Week: April 8th Marley Hall
Please continue to send in notes or e-mail me at [email protected] with any questions or concerns that
you have. Thank you.