Southeast Asia, Australia, & Oceania

Physical Geography and Economic Activities
Southeast Asia:
The Mainland
 Myanmar (Burma),
Thailand, Cambodia,
Vietnam, and Laos
 Laos is landlocked
(surrounded on all sides
by land).
 Terrain is characterized by
mountains, rivers, river
deltas, and plains
 Climate includes tropical
and mild
 The monsoon creates a dry
and rainy season
Southeast Asia:
Physical Features of the Mainland
 Rivers that begin in the
mountains provide sources
for drinking water,
transportation, and
 The river deltas create
dense population centers
 Rivers create rich deposits
of sediment (material
eroded from rock that is
transported elsewhere by
wind, water & ice) that
settle along central plains
Southeast Asia:
Major Cities on the Mainland
 Myanmar: Yangon
(Rangoon), Mandalay
 Thailand: Bangkok
 Vietnam: Ho Chi Minh
City (Saigon)
 Cambodia: Phnom Penh
Southeast Asia:
Living on the Islands
 AKA Maritime Southeast
 Nations are on islands are
made up of island groups.
 Nations include Indonesia,
the Philippines, Singapore,
Brunei, East Timor,
 Islands are characterized
by volcanic mountains
(dormant and active)
Southeast Asia:
Natural Resources & Economic
 Fertile soils allows
bountiful rice and tea
fields in the plains
 Climate in some areas
provides for year round
 Economic Activities
 Subsistence farming and
fishing in rural areas
 Commercial Fishing
 Mineral resources include
petroleum, tin, and gems
Australia & Oceania:
Physical Features
 Mountains, volcanoes
(dormant and active),
archipelagos, basins,
beaches, and plateaus.
 Coral Reefs
 Great Barrier Reef- the
largest coral reefs in the
world, located along
Australia’s northeast coast
 The Outback
 Uluru (Ayer’s Rock)-
world’s largest monolith
(single massive stone or
The Coolest Thing Miss A. Has Ever
Ayer’s Rock (Uluru) in the Rain
Australia & Oceania:
Physical Features
 Antarctica is the world’s
coldest region.
 It contains mountains
and ice caps.
 98% of Antarctica is
covered in ice
 It contains 70% of the
world’s fresh water
Australia & Oceania:
Living in the Region
 The region is made up of
Australia, New Zealand,
and island nations of the
Pacific Ocean.
 Australia
 settlement is mostly along
coastal areas.
 Due to an arid climate and lack
of fertile soil, population in
center of continent is low.
 Commercial farming is located
along the eastern and western
coastal areas.
Australia & Oceania:
Living in the Region
 New Zealand
 North Island- most of
population is located
here due to climate
 South Island
 Pacific Islands
 sparsely populated.
 Antarctica
 Scientist
 Research stations.
SE Asia, Australia & Oceania:
Invasive Species
 Non-native species that
adversely affect the
habitats they invade.
 SE Asia: Golden Apple
Snail, Water Lettuce,
Brown Rat
 Australia: St. John’s
Wort, Red Fire Ant,
White Snail