Invisible Man Annotations Handout (New)

Nash – Blasingame
AP English IV
Annotations for Invisible Man
Essay Prompt: In Invisible Man, Ralph Ellison explores a number of different themes throughout the novel. Write a well –
organized essay in which you analyze how Ellison develops one of these themes through his use of characterization.
Race and Racism
Identity and Invisibility
Power and Self – Interest
Dreams and the Unconscious
Ambition and Disillusionment
Annotations Expectations:
You must have 10 significant quotes that show the development of one of the provided theme couplings (listed
You must do the parenthetical documentation correctly: (Ellison 4).
Underneath the quote provided, you will provide the context of what is occurring in the Plot. If this is incorrect, you
will receive no credit for that annotation.
“When I discover who I am, I’ll be free”
(Ellison 243).
Context: The narrator has been at the
factory hospital where he has been
receiving treatments for his
“condition/injury.” The treatments are
painful, and at the moment he was
saying this, he was trying to figure out
how to get out of the “box.” He
repeatedly was asked what his name is,
but for the life of him, he could not
remember. This is when he has this
revelation that is also foreshadowing.
Identity and Invisibility
Ellison explores the idea of identity and invisibility through the
situation the narrator has found himself in. Due to the fact
that he has no identity (name), he is invisible to the nurses and
doctors that are attending to him. Therefore, he is stuck in this
box. With this revelation, we see Ellison hinting at the reader
that the narrator must “find” himself, and only then will we
see him experience true freedom.
5 = 100
5 The annotations demonstrates a comprehensive and thoughtful reading as well as full consideration of the
significance of the quotes provided. The Annotations show that the reader has made insightful connections and
drawn valid conclusions. Annotations demonstrate the reader’s ability to write with clarity, precision, and
4 The annotations demonstrate that the reader understands the text beyond the literal level and has been able
to make some connections and draw some conclusions. The annotation is less thorough, less perceptive, and/or
less specific than a 5.
3 Annotations indicate a basic understanding of the text. The reader has been able to make one or
two connections, but has been unable to use the text to draw valid conclusions. Annotations demonstrates an
adequate control of language, but are marred by grammatical errors.
2 The annotations make it difficult to evaluate how well the reader understood the reading. There are very few
references to significance or meaning (theme). The annotations demonstrate a lack of control over the basic
elements of composition.
1 The annotations are incomprehensible, contain multiple grammatical errors, and there is no reference to
significance or meaning (Theme).
4 = 90
3 = 80
2 = 70
1 = 50
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