Invisible Man Chapter 6 * 10 Annotations

Invisible Man Chapter 6 – 10
Annotations Expectations
• You must have 4 significant quotes from each chapter
• You must tie those quotes to the themes I have provided Only:
Race and Racism
Identity and Invisibility
Power and Self – Interest
Dreams and the Unconscious
Ambition and Disillusionment
• You must do the parenthetical documentation correctly: (Ellison 4).
• Underneath the quote provided, You will provide the context of what is occurring in the
Plot. If this is incorrect, you will receive no credit for that annotation.
“heard him singing in a clear
ringing voice. It was a blues, and I
walked along behind him
remembering the times that I
heard such singing at home. It
seemed that here some memories
slipped around my life at the
campus and went far back to
things I had long ago shut out of
my mind” (Ellison 173).
Ellison provides the reader with
imagery here to reveal just how far
the narrator has come in his
journey (he is far from his roots
and origin). The music forces him
to contemplate things that have
long slipped away. Ellison
consistently uses music in this way
throughout the novel to enable
the reader to also show the
maturation of this character.
Context: The narrator has received
a letter from Mr. Emerson, and he
is on his way to his office. He is
contemplating his future since
there is no certainty of what his
future will hold since he was
forced to leave college.
How Will My Annotations Be Graded?
• 5 The annotations demonstrates a comprehensive and thoughtful reading as well as full
consideration of the significance of the quotes provided. The Annotations show that the
reader has made insightful connections and drawn valid conclusions. Annotations
demonstrate the readers ability to write with clarity, precision, and coherence.
• 4 The annotations demonstrate that the reader understands the text beyond the literal level
and has been able to make some connections and draw some conclusions. The annotation is
less thorough, less perceptive, and/or less specific than a 5.
• 3 Annotations indicate a basic understanding of the text. The reader has been able to
make one or two connections, but has been unable to use the text to draw valid conclusions.
Annotations demonstrates an adequate control of language, but are marred by grammatical
• 2 The annotations make it difficult to evaluate how well the reader understood the reading.
There are very few references to significance or meaning (theme). The annotations
demonstrate a lack of control over the basic elements of composition.
• 1 The annotations are incomprehensible, contain multiple grammatical errors, and there is no
reference to significance or meaning (Theme).
5 = 100 4 = 90
3 = 80
2 = 70
1 = 50