Basic Strategic Planning Elements and Process

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Basic Strategic Planning Elements and Process
Preface: A strategic planning committee should be developed that includes management, board members, clients and
other stakeholders (with no more than six people on the committee). A series of strategic planning sessions would be
scheduled to discuss and develop the various aspects of the basic strategic plan, as described below.
Identify your purpose
Environmental scan to
identify community needs
and assets (primary and
secondary data collection)
Strategic planning or steering committee
develops vision, mission, and values
New or revised Mission Statement
Conduct primary data collection: survey,
stakeholder interviews, focus groups.
Student survey tool
Stakeholder interview questions/tool
Conduct secondary data research (census data,
local school data, health data, poverty data,
education data, etc.)
Focus group questions/process
Summary of environmental scan
Data analysis report.
Analyze primary and
secondary data.
Committee/partnership analyzes data from
environmental scan.
Goal setting
Committee/partnership develops goals to
accomplish that meets your purpose, or
mission, and address major issues facing the
program/partnership in the community.
Statement of Goals
Develop strategies
Committee/partnership identifies approaches
and strategies for each identified goal.
(Strategies are often what change the most as
the organization more closely examines the
external and internal environments of the
organization through community assets and
needs assessments )
Statement of strategy and approach.
Develop action plan
Committee/partnership develops specific
activities for each major function that must
undertake to ensure its effectively
implementing each strategy.
Comprehensive action plan with milestones
and timelines.
Develop strategic plan.
Develop a written strategic plan.
Final strategic plan document
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