File - Andrea P. Lewis

Andrea Lewis
Troy University
Video and podcasting is a teacher to student
supplement for online courses. This form of
technology is widely used to assist students in their
educational process. Teachers provide students with a
downloadable assessable file with lectures and
When using the internet for research it is important to
use key words or phrases. Search well known websites.
Always evaluate WebPages for validity.
Collaborating and brainstorming is a group activity. A
topic is provided, the group adds subtopics. Possible
solutions are provided for any issues that may occur.
This document can be uploaded to share with others to
obtain their views before it is finalized.
A blog is basically a journal that is available on the web.
They are typically updated daily using software that
allows people with little or no technical background to
update and maintain the blog. Postings on a blog are
almost always arranged in chronological order with the
most recent additions featured most prominently.
Internet users focus on building social relationships with
others who share the same interests, backgrounds, or life
associates. Social Networkers use a variety of network
media such as email, instant messaging, Facebook, and
Twitter. Mass media tools like Facebook and Twitter
generate a lot of traffic, indicating a high level of interest
in these tools.
Educational gaming provide insight into instructional
technological trends using game-based learning. These
games assist educators prepare students for life in the
real world. Some schools are replacing textbook
learning with social video games which result in
improved student learning.
Online learning is at the at the forefront of learning
innovation. Some participants blend online and
classroom instructions, while others take all online
courses. Participants receive hand-marked assignments,
personal support, and feedback from expert instructors.
Digital books consisting of text, images, or both, which
are produced and published on readable computers or
other electronic devices. An e-book is an electronic
version of a printed book. E-books are usually read on
dedicated e-book readers or general purpose computer
A Troy discussion board will have nine weeks of
student discussions. Students have access to discuss
prescribed topics. Students who participate in
discussions will earn discussion points.
Full text Arts and Literature books are available online
which are used to teach children and adults. Online
websites allow the user to explore museums around the
world. Viewing Art and Literature online opens the
door to cultures throughout the world.