Ethics Project

Ishaan Rao
Shodor Apprentice
My group, the public interface group, has been lagging behind. I have come up
with some solutions to get us back on track.
First, I will try to convince Troy to stop “moonlighting” his talents and time with
another group. To solve this I will arrange a meeting between Troy, Bob, and I to
discuss these issues. I will request Troy to quit his second job. I also will ask Bob to
give Troy a pay raise if he finishes his work before the deadline. This will motivate
Troy, and will supply him with the money he needs to support himself.
Secondly, I will ask Shanetta to work her regular hours, but request her to work
harder. Since she is very talented, and good at programming, I will promote her to
my assistant. However, I will only promote her if she finishes her work by the
deadline. This will motivate her to aid the group.
Lastly, Andy and I will work together to finish the rest of the group. Working with
a partner will help Andy get through his divorce. It will also get a lot of work done,
because of our talents and different strengths. I will also cover for him, if he
needs to resolve legal issues during work hours.
These three solutions combined with my teammates work and effort will solve
our problems and get our group back on track. This solution will fix our issues in
an ethical and professional way, and will resolve our dilemma without any
setbacks or obstacles.