Vocab flashcard template

Vocabulary Flashcards
Vocab Word
Part of Speech
Definition: Clear and concise, do not use the word or a form of the word
in the definition
Sentence from your reading that the word appeared in
Word Study: Include as much of the following as possible
3 synonyms (words with similar meaning) or 2 synonyms and 1 antonym (word with opposite
Word break down: What is the root of this word and the meaning of the root? What other
words use this root? Prefix and meaning? Suffix and meaning?
Alternate forms of the word and parts of speech
Word Origin (optional) – where did this word come from or first appear?
Name and Block
Insert a picture here that helps
others to understand your word. Think
about illustrating your sentence if you
cannot illustrate your word.
Write a sentence with the vocabulary word left out.
Example: Write a sentence with the __________ word
left out, to help students to study and increase the words
they know.