Decision Making

Identify an important decision you
made in the last month. Explain
what factors influenced your
decision. Were you pleased with
the outcome?
Decision Making
 Think about yesterday, and come up with a list of all the
decisions you made.
 Some might have been easy decisions, while others may
have been a little bit harder to make.
 When you make a decision, especially tough decisions,
you need to understand the consequences both shortterm and long-term.
 Making decisions will help give you purpose and
direction in your life.
Making Responsible Decisions
 As a teen your parents start to trust you to make
responsible decisions.
 Parents may start giving you your independence, and let
up on a few rules from time to time.
 Independence is something that you should never take
for granted.
 Responsible teens never use their independence to
engage in risky behaviors.
The decision making process
 When making a decision, you want to make the best one
you possibly can.
 Decision Making is the process of making a choice or
finding a solution.
 It involves a series of 6 steps.
Step 1 and 2
 Step 1: State the situation
 The first step is to identify the situation.
 One use full approach is to ask yourself questions.
 For example: What choice do you need to make? Who else is involved?
 The first step is important because it sets the stage for making
decision that will affect your health.
 Step 2: List the options
 Think of as many possible options for the situation.
 Make sure that you options are only safe ones.
Step 3: Weigh the possible
 The 3rd step is to consider the possible outcomes from
each option.
 When weighing your choices, you should use the H.E.L.P
 H(Healthful) Will my choice affect my well-being or the
well-being of those around me?
 E (Ethical) Will my choice show respect for myself and
 L(Legal) Will I be breaking the law? Is it legal for someone
my age?
 P(Parent Approval) Would my parents approve my decision?
Step 4: Considering Values
 When making a decision, always consider your values
 Values: The beliefs and principles that guide the way a
person lives.((If your parents were right by you would they
 Honesty, respect, and trust are all important values
 Considering tour values will guide you in the right direction
as you make decisions.
Step 5 and 6
 Step 5: Make a decision and act
 Once you have weighed you options and considered the risk and
consequences, you are ready to take action.
 Choose the option that seems best.
 Make sure you are comfortable with your decision and how it may
affect others as well.
 If you are unsure about your decision, ask a parent or an adult you
 Step 6: Evaluate Your Decision
 After you have taken action, you should evaluate the outcome of
your decision.
 Did the outcome turn out the way it did? Do you feel you made the
right decision?
 Think about what you could do differently.
 Talk to a friend or adult you trust if you need a second opinion.
Activity Directions
 You will be put into small groups.
 Every group will have a different scenario.
 You and your group will need to put yourself in the
shoes the the person, and make the best decision
 You need to have at least 3 different options for the
scenario (Have 1 negative one)