Ch. 9 Quiz Show Review Game

Ch. 9 Fashion Merchandising
Describe the focus group method of market
Describe the observation method of market
Describe the survey method of market
Name the major online Fashion TRADE
Publication that many fashion workers
subscribe to:
Name the #1 Fashion Trade Association that
represents all segments of the
Fashion industry
What the slang term used for the garment
What do we call the way of dividing up a
total market into smaller groups to
analyze each group by specific
What are statistics that describe a
population in terms of age, gender, income
and other aspects
What kinds of information can a retailer
record in a merchandise-information
A Trade Publication like is made
for the public fashion consumer.
TRADE is for the fashion WORKER/professional. A
Fashion Magazine is for the public consumer.
Match the term to the description:
market research
market segmentation
product mix
trade association
system that produces, stores and
analyzes info to make decisions
about merchandise for sale
total selection of good and sevices
that a company makes or sells
systematic gathering, recording,
analyzing and presenting of info for
marketing goods and servicess
a way of dividing the total market
into smaller groups to analyze
non-profit organization that supports
workers within an industry
Explain the importance of doing fashion
 Market research is especially important in the fashion industry.
 Consumer tastes and trends change quickly, so companies and
designers need to know what styles will sell.
 Market research influences new fashion products because it can help
producers develop new products that consumers want to purchase.