English 1.Final Exam Review.Spring 2015

Final Exam Spring 2015 Study Guide
English 1, Pre-AP
Questions for Essay on Final Exam
Students, on the final exam you will have to write an essay in response to one of the prompts below. Your essay MUST be
typed, (size 12, Times New Roman, single spaced) and must be at least ¾’s of a page, but not longer than a page. The
margins should be set at 1 inch at the top, bottom, right, and left. All essays must be submitted on TurnItIn.com. by the
end of the period in which you take your Final Exam. The instructor will provide further instructions during the CECHS
Review Week, May 18th-May 21st.
Do a detailed character analysis for two of the following characters. Indicate both their actions and their motives.
Also, point out their state of mind and what significant actions of their own, or others, affected them.
Lord Capulet
Friar Laurence
Prove or disprove the following statement by referring to incidents in the play: “Violence begets more violence.”
One theme present in Romeo and Juliet is that disobedience to recognized authorities in- variably results in
punishment. Discuss how this is the case in Romeo and Juliet. Which characters are rebellious to authority? What
retribution do they pay?
Revisit Juliet’s conversation with her mother concerning Romeo in Act III, Scene V, and discuss the dramatic irony
that makes the Scene so powerful. Choose another Scene and do the same.
One motif developed throughout the play is the contrast between light and dark (or day and night). What do
darkness and light represent? Consider, in your response, the many instances in which Romeo and Juliet seek to turn day
to night, or to shun the light in favor of darkness.
Discuss how Shakespeare’s writing reveals social class and develops character. Pay particular attention to the
contrasting language styles of such characters as Juliet and the Nurse, Mercutio, the Friar, and the servants. Use specific
passages to support your response.
Discuss Shakespeare’s use of humor in Act I, Scene I, with the Capulet and Montague servants. How does this
Scene heighten tension while providing comic relief at the same time?
*In addition to the essay questions, you are also responsible for all review questions that have been distributed via class
assessments on individual Acts as well as all of the lettered questions in your textbook.
*Your textbook is due the day of your final exam!