CSK 1101 Communication Skills

CSK 1101 Communication Skills (3 CU)
Course Description: This course provides students with skills of effective communication. These include
verbal, written, and gesture. The course aims at facilitating students appropriately and clearly communicate
with others. The aims of the course unit are to: Improve the communication competencies of the student;
Improve problem solving strategies of students; improve the art of critical thinking within the student;
improve the student’s ability to collect and synthesize information; provide students with knowledge to
utilize the library and other educational resources.
Indicative Content:
Writing Skills: Thinking critically/selectively before the writing process; selecting the relevant
details; organising the relevant details logically; writing the reports essays, letters and taking notes
in appropriate register; avoiding ambiguities, fallacies, irrationalities; providing supportive evidence;
editing documents, proof reading; writing and expanding information; Quoting and citing
references; writing a curriculum vitae.
Reading Skills: The use of skimming; scanning inference and prediction in reading; Intensive and
critical reading; Acquisition of specific reading skills; Interpretation of non linear texts; Locating
information and comprehension.
Speaking and Listening Skills to Enhance Effective Public Relations: The art of persuasion in
effective speaking; Conducting interviews; Conducting meetings; Participating in group discussions
and tutorials; Non verbal communication clues; Presentation seminars, seeking clarification etc.;
Expression of politeness; Public speaking; Proper listening skills.
Examination Skills; Preparing for examinations: How much one gets from group discussions;
Proper revision; Understanding examination rubric; Budgeting time during examination process;
Writing examinations and following instructions
Reference Books:
B. Bough, 101 ways to improve your communication skills instantly, 4th edition, 2005.
ii. P. Klavs, The hard Truth About soft skills: Work Place Lessons Smart People wish they had
learned sooner, 2008.