Someone asked me if I knew what the "Falkirk Wheel" was and this is what

I learned. Look at theses sites:

This is a video of the wheel working!

Also search what locks are and how they work like in the Panama Canal or

Erie Canal.


Here's a math brain teaser for you to solve:

At the movies, you can buy popcorn in large size for $7 or small size for $4.

Suppose they can make an unlimited amount of popcorn and they can sell any combination of large and small popcorn. What is the greatest sales total that is


Send me a note with your answer.

Do crocodiles cry? Check out this website to see it you have ever cried

"crocdile tears."

What is a "black hole?"

What is a "light year?" 
 Check out these websites and write a response to me about what you discovered! Did you find out anything else interesting?

 http:// e_astronomy/black_h oles/home.html

 (bla ck hole) 
 http://www.h estion94.htm

 (light year)

Here is a math puzzle for you to figure out! This is a "guess and check" kind of problem. You may have to try a couple of different answers until it works. When you figure the puzzle out, respond to me with the answer.

Click to open math_puzzle[1].pdf

What is the "Giant's Causeway" and the legend that goes with it?

Here is website that may help you:'s_Causeway

Read the whole article, there are great pictures. Also look for Devil's

Tower National Monument in Wyoming. It is a similar geologic formation.

Who is John A. Roebling and why is he famous?

Tell me what you find out. Write a note.

Read the whole article. Did you know he actually died during this project and his son finished it?

Here's a number riddle for you!!!

I have all the digits in my number.

My millions place is even.

My billions is a multiple of 3.

The ten millions place is prime.

One is not in my ten millions place.

My hundred millions place is larger than 6.

The sum of my ten thousands place and thousands place is 6.

The hundred thousands place is a multiple of 4.

My thousands place is 4.

My millions place is not 0.

The hundreds, tens, and ones have the digits 0,

1, and 3.

Zero is in the hundreds place.

From right to left,

my tens and ones is an unlucky number.

What is the "winter solstice?" Also what are "halcyon days?" (It is a legend.)

Happy New Year!

 Two questions I have: 
 Where is the North Pole?

Look it up on Google and read about it!

Go to this site and find out about Totem Poles!

The Phoenix Mars Lander has landed on May 25, 2008. The Lander was launched in August of 2007 and has just arrived on Mars! Go to this website to find out more about it!

What is the hottest place on earth?

What is the coldest place on earth?

What is the deepest place in the ocean?

What is the deepest cave in the world?

What is the lowest elevation on earth?

Following are logic puzzles called cryptarithms. This is a kind of puzzle where the DIGITS are replaced by the letters of the alphabet. You have to figure out what missing digits are represented by the letters. Good Luck!

Remember to send me a note with your answers!




HA e/forstudents/k-


Go to this NASA website and read about Black Holes!!

Then write a note to me

about what you found interesting, what you learned and any questions you may have.

Click on the websites to see one of the first robots in action! Discover the history of the Maillardet automaton!

Explore Space with NASA!!!!

Look at this website. There are choices of videos to choose to explain about space.

(For example, on page 1, you can learn about spacesuits. On page 2, you can learn about "black holes.")


The 4th graders have put together these great math riddle books. Click on the attachments below to view these editions!

Click to open riddle_book_2007.pdf

math riddle book 2007

math riddle book 2008