Mull - 9-15-14

Monkey Notes
Success For All, Whatever it TAKES!
Mrs. Mull
September 15th-19th
To Be Taught In Class This Week:
Don’t Monkey Around –
Book: Plaidiypus Lost
Skill: Sequencing, Beginning, Middle, End
Indtroduce: Syllables and Sound Discrimination
Review: Oo, Pp, Qq, Rr. Ss
9/19 – Progress Reports
A Note from Mrs. Mull:
Writing Numbers 4 and 5
Read and write 0
Compare Numbers 0 to 5
Science/Social Studies:
- Family and the roles of family members
- Platypus, habitat and traits
Building Blocks:
We have provided a piece of yellow construction paper
and a piece of green. We ask that the students build a
family tree. The tree trunk can be painted or colored and
then they will use the green construction paper to cut out
leaves. Write the names of the family members on the
leaves and attach the leaves to the tree. You may do
extended family or just immediate family it is your choice.
Here is an example:
Sight Words
9/16- Picture Day
09/23 – Title I Parent night – 6:30 p.m.
- Handwriting without tears Ee
Check Out These Events!
What a wonderful turn out we had last Friday
for Grandparents Day. The students really
enjoyed singing and show them the classroom.
I enjoyed meeting the grandparents and
getting to know my students a little better.
To clarify some confusion that has occurred
over the past two weeks our class will now
have it’s own newsletter. We will be learning a
poem each week but it will not be coming
home in a separate folder. It will be in the
Monkey book on Friday’s. Have your student
recite the poem for you and enjoy the time
together. Continue to work on sight words
with you child. Reminder Building Blocks are
15% of your child’s grade and should only take
5-10 minutes to complete. Once completed
don’t forget to send back in. Thank you for all
your support and have a blessed week.
Monkey of the Week
Zee Sims