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Brent J. Arias
4014 E. Morrow Dr.
Phoenix, AZ 85050
(602) 692 8088
Enterprise Architect
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e-mail: [email protected]
A software engineering leader, hands-on Microsoft .net expert, and product developer seeking a
strategic technical role. Covering end-to-end development and systems integration, I address
requirements analysis, core business logic, testability, maintainability, scalability, performance,
analytics, security, quality assurance automation and internationalization.
Background: Over fifteen years corporate, consulting, and start-up experience in a breadth of industries:
financial services, telecom, defense, interactive entertainment, marketing, and retail. Project work has
ranged from global-scale enterprise integrations to IoT and hard real-time embedded systems.
Technical Skills: DDD, CQRS, Object-Oriented, functional, asynchronous, and event-driven paradigms 
C# (1.1-5.0), C++, T-SQL, JavaScript  web/SOA technologies (OWIN, ASP.NET MVC / Web API, REST,
SignalR, WCF, JQuery, SPA, Aurelia, responsive design, etc)  RabbitMQ, queuing, Rx, service bus tech 
SQL Server, Dapper, EF, SSRS, SSIS  load-testing  mobile, Xamarin  high-performance parallel and
multi-threaded computing  OAuth, SAML, software and data security  Cloud development: Azure 
Internationalization  WPF, WinForms, DirectX, OpenGL  Git, TFS, MsBuild, NuGet
Selected Achievements:
With .net technologies and hybrid functional and object-oriented paradigms, I designed and coded
the NIST XCCDF tool which set two national records: the fastest development schedule (took three
months, whereas competing teams took two years) and #1 for spec compliance.
Introduced hierarchical state-machine technology to General Dynamics, which shaved seventy manmonths from the schedule of its first project and subsequently revolutionized all further project
work for the entire GDC4S operational business unit.
Despite “it’s impossible” expert assessments, with .net technology I proposed, designed, and coded
a WCF COMET server-push technology (this preceded SignalR). This product now serves NASA and
millions of machines globally.
• Owner / Chief Architect, AxisCode (March 2011-present)
Client: Microsoft. Teamed with Microsoft Consulting Services (MCS) to serve as an enterprise architect
providing web and SOA expertise to American Express. Gave detailed technical guidance and wrote
support tools for .net frameworks (WCF, ASP.NET MVC / Web API). Provided bug fixes and workarounds to years-old unsolved issues; published these solutions to MS Premier Support.
Client: American Express. Served as the MS .net technology authority for the enterprise. Led product
design by creating reference architectures, simulators, internationalization tools, and proof of concept
(POC) samples. Examples:
Designed and built a financial transaction processing simulator. This demonstrated doubleentry accounting, partition tolerance and asynchronous rollback using “sagas” and durable
hierarchical state machine technologies. This solution was copy-and-pasted into production
code for core financial processing.
Designed and built a multi-tenancy, brandable ASP.NET MVC POC which was subsequently
incorporated to support and
Created a C# “Money” type according to DDD “Value Object” semantics. Supports
integration of internationalization and numismatic concerns. Now used throughout the org.
To reduce coupling and resolve testability issues, I proposed, planned and led the organization-wide app
migration to dependency-injection and AOP models. This led to code simplification, substantial
performance gains and opened the door for “fast integration tests” (FIT). Chief technical resource and
evangelist of FIT and desktop load-testing - an automation strategy which reduces QA iterations from
hours to seconds. Devised, built, and led roll-out of enterprise tool-set which allows tracing of logical
transactions via process contexts and out-of-band parameters. This logical tracing supported multitenancy, analytics and internationalization.
Designed and built OWIN-hosted REST protocol proxy for RabbitMQ; this has become the asynchronous
bus through which Amex apps communicate. Devised the dual-auth TLS/SSL security strategy and
supporting .net tools for the enterprise. Devised a REST metadata and .net client code-generation
strategy for the enterprise. Devised enterprise standards, relevant tools, and team training for logging,
intra-process and inter-process exception and error handling (REST, SOAP, etc).
•Sr. Software Architect, ClickSquared (May 2011-March 2012)
Held technical oversight - web and DB development - of department of fifty spread across four offices,
including off-shore. Provided architectural oversight for a generic, stream-driven C# component
pipeline used for data transfer and transformation (to replace SSIS 2008). Designed and implemented a
T-SQL/SSIS rules engine for financial services and marketing.
•Software Architect, Lumension Security (Apr 2006-Apr 2011)
Conceived, designed (UML), and partially implemented a SOAP & RESTful Enterprise Service Bus (ESB)
with a C# 3.5 self-hosted server (WCF) and C++ client – targeting 100k clients per server. Designed ESB
for federated server operations, with HMAC security capabilities. Devised the ESB capability to use
Comet (long-polling, server-push) within WCF. Conceived and designed applications-as-plugins for ESB
client (C++) and server (C# MAF) platform code, needed for run-time hot-swapping and fail-over.
Designed and implemented an integration testing mechanism, via dependency injection, where dozens
of servers execute in a single process, allowing tight-loop integration tests for developers on their
desktop dev machines. In short, architected and gave process tools for the next-gen, high-scaling, highperformance platform for all Lumension enterprise products (e.g. intelligent white-listing, patch
remediation, anti-virus, WF and EF apps, etc.).
Revitalized CM department by updating TFS structure, branching guidelines, build strategies, autoversioning, and MsBuild scripts for dozens of inter-related VS solutions (C++/ C#).
Designed and implemented cryptographic utilities C# wrapper for native RSA x86 / x64 libraries.
Designed database (SQL Server 2005) for graph-dependency analysis, capable of row-select-based
Boolean algebra (used to capture application component dependencies for any/all software vendors).
Designed and implemented, per NIST/XCCDF spec, a functional-paradigm enterprise security analysis
tool. Built platform detection mechanisms (MFC, C++, x86 assembler) for security administration needs,
as part of highest product quality shipment in companies’ ten year history.
•Sr. Software Engineer, Signature Devices (Apr 2005-Apr 2006)
Constructed core OO C++, real-time simulation engine components and related development tools (MFC
extension plugins) for a dual “serious games” (military) and video game (Xbox) effort. Created
supporting memory management and message-queuing mechanisms for plugin architecture. Created
state-chart interpreter, to execute XML-declarative hierarchical state machines (used for AI and other
control logic). Developed MFC GUI to create, with UML notation, these hierarchical state charts. Built a
Lua scripting plug-in for C++ game simulation engine.
•Principal Engineer, General Dynamics Contractor, Phoenix AZ (Jan 2003-Apr 2005)
Introduced and implemented hierarchical state-machine technology (C++). Performed capture of
Integrity RTOS and CORBA systems requirements (RequisitePro) and ORB models (Rose) for Software
Defined Radio (SDR) SCA effort, targeting ORB performance improvements and OMG compliance.
Designed, documented (Rose, UML, SoDA) and implemented (C, VxWorks, LIBeRTy, CORBA, Cygwin) a
SDR embedded wireless crypto-keying mechanism.
•Software Architect, Blueprint Technologies, CO (Mar 2000-Oct 2001)
Separately for UPS, a cellular telephony firm, and a home-warranty company: Established end-to-end
systems engineering requirements management process and supported tools (ReqPro, SoDA, Rose).
Refactored existing requirements, led analysts through use case writing exercises. Led user reps
through RUP business modeling. Developed n-tier VB componentry for machine automation (UPS).
•Sr. Software Engineer, Lockheed, Colorado Springs CO (Mar 1999-Mar 2000)
Internal consultant to business analysts, system and software engineers - fielding experience in UML,
software architecture, OO, CASE tools and distributed design. Taught UML and use-case writing classes.
Advised methodology (OOTC project workbook) and CASE support, for multi-billion dollar software
contract (ISC2) acquisition effort (successfully awarded); aided integration of the same into
development process.
•Software Engineer, MCI, Colorado Springs CO (Nov 1997-Mar 1999)
Designed and coded (Rose, UML, C++, CORBA) distributed software components for fraud-detection
system (asynchronous database updates and programmable system notifications). Applied Lakos
physical design techniques to support this large-scale effort. Helped orchestrate a team OO
development of heterogeneous client apps (CORBA, DB tools, NetClient) to sustain a telephony data
warehouse (CDP). Analyzed requirements for client needs and warehouse supplier protocols.
BS Computer Science, Minor in Mathematics.
References available upon request
University of New Mexico, 1997