February 1, 2013 - IUPUI Registrar

Academic Policies and Procedures Committee (APPC)
Friday February 1, 2013
Minutes—Minutes of the Friday December 7, 2012 meeting were distributed electronically. No meeting was held in
Information Items
 IUPUI Strategic Planning Enrollment Management Task Force
o The charge is to present 5-7 Transformative Strategic Recommendations
o Within the framework of Strategic Enrollment Management and based on the premise that IUPUI can
quantitatively serve the needs of Indiana by strategically raising our enrollment to 35,000 students at
Indianapolis and by focusing on increasing the number of graduates, the Enrollment Management Task Force is
developing Objectives, Strategies, Outcome statements, and Metrics in 5 areas.
 Policy, Data, and Infrastructure
 Student Recruitment
 Student Retention, Persistence, and Services
 Student Financial Support
 Program Array and Financial Sustainability
o Initial sharing of information by all of the Task Forces on 2/11 with the final reports due March 1.
IU Completion Award
Completion Award
Implementation 01_15_13.docx
Compilation of Academic Probation/Dismissal Policies and Financial Aid Eligibility
When the eligibility specifications are finalized and prior to Summer and Fall registration, the Registration plans
to send notices to students so they can use the summer session if necessary to meet the credit hour
requirements. More information will be shared at our next meeting.
The information was compiled for report to ICHE. The document is shared with APPC as an information item.
Review of low production degrees
o IU requested all campuses to review degrees with a five-year average of fewer than 10 degrees. The
information was provided to the deans who determined if there was justification for continuing to offer the
degree or if the degree should be discontinued.
o A proposal is being developed to establish a process to conduct a period review of low production degrees. It is
anticipated that the proposal will come to APPC in March or April.
Academic Affairs Committee Report –Jan Buelow, Chair
 Items on the agenda for Academic Affairs Committee this yearo Consideration of a campus policy on limits on course withdrawals
o Calculation of undergraduate GPA(s)
o Grade forgiveness policies
Jan was not able to attend. It was noted that IFC would vote on a motion to change the academic calendar for Fall
2014 and a motion to change the scheduling of fall final examinations. Both of these proposals had been discussed
at prior APPC meetings. [Note: the motions were passed by IFC.]
Fall 2014 Calendar
Calendar_Final Exam Schedule_Fall
IFC resolution.pdf
2014_Proposed Change.IFC Exec Comm.docx
A proposal is being developed that would establish the policy that no individual can attend a class, i.e., routinely
sit in on the class, unless enrolled in the class.
Items for Review, Discussion, or Action
 Minor in Neuroscience--Stephen L Boehm
Neuroscience Minor SCI Neuroscience
final 1 16 13.docx Minor APPC Review 1 16 13.doc
The Minor in Neuroscience was recommended for approval.
Update on Post Enrollment Requirement Checking (PERC)—Kim Lewis
o PERC provides an automated process to determine if students have met prerequisites for a course in which they
are “future-registered.” If the prerequisite is not met at the end of the prior term, the student is notified, given
a chance to change class schedule and then eventually dropped from the course if they have taken no action
o The pilot for the process has been successfully completed.
o The PERC process is only as good as prerequisite enrollment requirement groups (ERGs) that are coded into the
o Registrar Office has reached out to schedulers to carefully assess ERGs and to identify units that want to use
o The decision must be made by March 1.
General Education Core courses identified and maintained using IU online course approval System (CARMIN)—Mary
Beth Myers
o In response to the Statewide General Education Transfer Core requirement, IUPUI must establish a set of
“General Education” courses aligned with the six state-wide transferable core competency domains. The
existing online course approval system is being augmented to assist in that process. Following is a timeline of
events to accomplish this by the mandated 5/15/2013 date.
CARMIN scheduled to be deployed with requested updates
12/13/12 - 2/15/2013
Academic Units complete their internal course review
2/15/2013 through 2/28/2013
Academic Units process their Gen Ed course requests using CARMIN
CARMIN remonstrance list is live with Feb activity. The IUPUI Gen Ed Taskforce Committee Chair, Kathy
Johnson, and Sarah Baker will be added to the approval route for all courses tagged as General
Education. Kathy Johnson and Sarah will forward Gen Ed courses to the appropriate task force group
with a request that they “Acknowledge” within the CARMIN system.
 Selecting “Acknowledge” means that the taskforce member has reviewed the course request
and approves it as a Gen Ed Course.
 If the taskforce member has concerns, they will contact Kathy or Sarah.
Academic Units will continue to process their Gen Ed course requests using CARMIN as described above
from this point forward.
Chair, IUPUI Gen Ed Taskforce will submit final IUPUI approved GEN ED course list to Registrar
Appendix: CARMIN routing nodes
Route Nodes
Department Review
Department Approval
School Review
School Approval
General Education Approval
Campus Council Review 1
Campus Council Review 2
Campus Review
Curriculum Review
University Graduate School Review
Purdue Approval
Campus Final Approval
University Graduate School
17 Approval
Department Review
Dept chair's approval
School Review
School Dean's approval
General Education (being introduced at IUPUI)
USSS Pre Screen
If CO, CO Office of the Registrar; IN does not use.
Not currently using at IUPUI
Campus Review
University Graduate School Curr Asst
Associate Dean approval
Holding area for courses prior to remonstrance
All courses on 30-day remonstrance list, 1st business
day of each month.
Filed remonstrances
Waiting for Purdue Approval
Campus Approval
Associate Dean approval after remonstrance
USSS adds / updates to Course Catalog with final
approval; course information is then available to be
Course approval notification to Dept
Course approval notification to School
Course approval notification to Registrar
Course approval notification to Admissions
Course approval notification to Committee
SES Final Approval
Department FYI
School FYI
Registrar FYI
Admissions FYI
Committee FYI
Future Agenda Items
 Completion Award—Dissemination of information to students—Mary Beth Myers
 Transcript information on completion of Gen Ed core—Mary Beth Myers
 Transcript information on accreditation/certification status—Mary Beth Myers
 Baccalaureate in Latino Studies—School of Liberal Arts
 BA in English at IUPUC—Gary Felsten and Kathy Wills
 Review of low production degrees –Mary Beth Myers
 IUPUI Green Belt Six Sigma Certificate, E&T—Wanda Worley
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