Broadband Boost FTTC product description

Product description
Broadband Boost Service FTTC - Product Description
Broadband Boost is a service that aims to improve the speed and
reliability of your customer’s broadband connection. The service
offers an engineering option that will cover the user, customer and
our networks to investigate and attempt to resolve issues that may
impact the user’s Digital Subscriber Line service.
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Bob Amesbury
Colin Rushford
15th June 2011
01st September
Product launch
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Product overview
Features and benefits
Supplementary information for the Managed Service
Quality Measures
Service Management Centre
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1. Product overview
Broadband Boost is a service that aims to improve the speed and reliability of your customer’s
broadband connection. We carry out work, as needed, on your customer’s wiring and equipment, and
premises equipment, and on our Access Network (right back to the local exchange). The service is
available both as a managed and unmanaged solution where the managed service includes call handling,
appointing and job scheduling which we will supply using the Engineering Services and Service Solutions
This document describes the activities, quality measures and reports that we will provide as part of the
Broadband Boost element of the Engineering and Service Solutions product. The document and its
contents are subject to our standard terms, conditions and prices for Engineering and Service Solutions.
Please note that the service may only be deployed on those lines where the Generic Ethernet Access
(GEA) service test has returned Line Test OK, which means that the service has been provided under
and in accordance with the Revised Access Network Facilities (RANF) contract for GEA SIN498.
2. Features and benefits
The Broadband Boost service option covers a wide range of engineering activities. These include:
Your Customer’s own wiring
Diagnosis using Openreach test equipment.
Fit/extend data extension kit subject to maximum length permissible.
Relocate NTE5a to a more convenient location.
Investigate speed issues where your customer’s PC is not the cause.
Pair Quality Test (PQT) and Synchronisation Testing at your customer’s SSFP or the end of data
extension kit if supplied.
Your Customer’s equipment faults
Replace faulty routers (if supplied by you).
Re-site router to optimum location equipment related, subject to limitations of the data
extension kit.
Connect to your homepage from your customer’s router using their PC.
Our network at your customer’s premises up to NTE
Fit NTE 5A plus Service Specific Front Plate where the existing equipment has been damaged or
is unserviceable.
Perform a visual check of the broadband connection including checking and removal of Radio
Frequency (RF) 2 filters and replacing with RF3 filters.
Isolation of ‘Star Wiring’.
PQT and synchronisation tests at the NTE.
Our external network – only if found to be faulty to SIN 498
Synchronisation check at cabinet.
DSLAM port changes if there is no synchronisation or issues with jumpering.
Renew up to 3 spans of drop-wire i.e. from the Distribution Point (DP) to your customer’s
Remakes in D side joints (removal of blue beans etc)
Job Reporting
The engineer will test and demonstrate the broadband service to your customer at the end of the
task and record the activities on the agreed completion template.
3. Supplementary information for the Managed Service
This product is available both as a managed and unmanaged solution. The managed service includes call
handling; appointing, job scheduling and supporting management information which Openreach will
supply using the Engineering Services and Service Solutions products.
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3.1 Quality Measures
The service is subject to the following quality measures, which we will report on; however, you will
not receive any compensation if we do not meet the target.
In relation to the Service Management Centre (SMC), we will aim to meet 80% of calls answered
within 30 seconds.
In relation to engineering appointments, we will aim to respond to a request for an appointment
within one working day 80% of the time and within two working days 95% of the time.
3.2 Service Management Centre
We will:
Provide first line support to engineers experiencing difficulty in the field
Provide real time reports on a daily basis to you, via a web based solution
Provide an escalation point for you
Arrange Co-Op calls where required
Orders and Appointments
Orders, amendments and cancellations are to be placed by Solutions Based Services Portal and
appointments are to be made via SBS Portal.
Openreach will be able to supply the following MIS
Volume of Visits
Repeat Visits within 28 days (repeats within 10 days excluded)
Job Closure Template
Appointment availability Next Working day (80%)
Appointment availability Next Working day +1 (95%)
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