File fr 3 lesson plan week 9

Teacher: Shannon Henry
Grade/Subject: French III
Dates/Pace: week 9
Mar. 7th – Mar. 11th
Unit Topic: Who were you?
GPS: MLIII.IP1F: Ask questions and provide responses
MLIII.INT1F: Demonstrate proficiency in listening, viewing and reading comprehension.
MLIII.P1C: Write short, organized presentations in the present.
MLIII.CCC3B: Demonstrate understanding that linguistic structures en English differ from those of French.
Essential Question and/or Key Questions
Qu’est-ce que je faisais? Qu’est-ce que je faisais?
What did I always do?
What did I always do?
Qu’est-ce que je faisais?
What did I always do?
Qu’est-ce que je faisais?
What DID I do?
What did I always do?
Qu’est-ce que je faisais?
What DID I do?
What did I always do?
(Some ideas: KWL, Pre-reading, Think Pair Share, Thinking Maps, Vocabulary Overview, Word Splash, Survey, Big Four)
Daily 10- forming the
Daily 10- What did you Daily 10- What did you do Daily 10- What did you
Daily 10 – Tell me what
do a lot this weekenda lot when you were little‘used to’ do a lot - in
happened BEFORE each event
in IMP in French!!!
in IMP in French!!!
IMP in French!!!
last night!
Cognitive Teaching Strategies: include time for distributed practice or summarizing
(Some ideas: Lecture/Question, Read/Discuss, TIMS, Hands on Activity, Thinking Map, Pictograph, Research, Vocabulary,
Diagrams/Graphs, Comprehension)
Return Goldilocks & Imp Review rules of usage
P.C. & Imp test
Tests back- note problem BeelineTV- current
and formation of Imp &
areas.- Review all 3 past world/French news. Name the
3 top stories and a player in
Review imp. formation
Show and tell- stroll down
rules. Pop Quiz.
Written practiceMemory Lane. Students
New reading from Le
sentences, dictation.
present an old toy/stuffed
Petit Prince- examine
Can you form both the
animal and tell us about it
tenses- determine why
Using all 4 past tenses
imp. & the p.c. together.
Oral practice- Q&A
using the imparfait!
together. Review and chartPractice.
how to form each, how to
Practice quiz –both
Vocab, character
recognize each, when to use
Review/learn reasons to
Cinderella & 3 Pigs with a
sketches, q&a.
each tense.
use each. Use Graphic
QUIA- online quizzes!
Intro: le plus-que-parfait More written practice using
- Formation
Written practice 1. your
Writing Cinderella.
(compare w/others)
own story 2. someone
- Usage- find it in
AP style verb fill ins.
story 3. single sentences
4. oral story telling
Summarizing Strategies: (Some ideas: Ticket Out the Door, 3-2-1, The Important Thing, One Word, Learning Logs)
Once upon a time- you
1 verb- both tenses
Try it out- which tense does Which tense and why??? Which tense and why???
yell the tense!
the author want?
Assignment and/or Assessment: A variety of informal, performance, constructed response, selected response
Finish Petit Prince- quiz
Show to your
Tense differentiation.
2 tense test- tomorrow! Finish stories
parents! Make them watch it
Find a prop to do a
with you.
Kindergarten Show and
Tell (Wed.)
Accommodations: (Sped, 504, SST)