Study Guide – Chapter 9

Study Guide – Chapter 9 – The Nervous System
Due on the day of the test, 1/31/13-2/1/13
1. What are the parts of the neuron?
2. What is CNS? What is PNS?
3. What are the 3 basic functions of the nervous system, and what type of
neurons are involved for each function?
4. What are the somatic and autonomic nervous systems?
5. What are Neuroglial Cells? What are the 5 types called and their functions?
6. What is myelin?
7. What are the Nodes of Ranvier?
8. What is the difference between grey matter and white matter?
9. How long do neurons live?
10. Can neurons repair itself?
11. What are the shapes (structures) of neurons, and where are they found?
12. What ions are involved in a nerve impulse?
13. How is the diameter of an axon related to the speed of an impulse?
14. In terms of the nerve impulse, define threshold.
15. What are neurotransmitters? What do excitatory and inhibitory
neurotransmitters do?
16. Know what these neurotransmitters do: Acetylcholine, Monoamines
(Norepinephrine and Dopamine), Serotonin, and Endorphins
17. What is the most common cause of Ecstasy-related deaths?
18. What is the function of the CSF?
19. What are the 3 major regions of the brain and their functions?
20. What is the function for each lobe of the cerebrum?
21. For the Functional Regions, what do the Motor Area, Sensory Area, and
Association Area do?
22. What does the pituitary gland do?
23. What does the hippocampus do?
24. What is the limbic system?
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