Topic: Dilution
Do Now:
Amount solute in concentrated
Amount solute in dilute solution
Amount of solute is constant
Amount of solvent increases
original solution is
What can say about
number of solute
particles in a & c?
# is the same!
amount of solvent
has increased!
REMINDER: Molarity
Molarity = # of moles of solute
Liters of solution
MolarityC x VolumeC = MolarityD x VolumeD
MC x VC = MD x VD
(C = concentrated
D = dilute)
300ml of 2.5M NaOH is diluted to 750ml.
Find the molarity of the diluted solution
Example: We are doing a lab and the procedure
calls for 300ml 1.2 M NaOH. However, all we
have is a bottle of 5.5M NaOH.
We have to dilute it!!!!
The Equation: MC x VC = MD x VD
5.5 M x VC = 1.2 M x 0.3 L
V1 = (1.2 M x 0.3 L)
5.5 M
V1 = 0.065 L = 65 mL
So what does 65 ml tell us?!
To prepare the 1.2 M NaOH solution, you
pour 65 mL of 5.5 M NaOH into your
container and add water to get 300 mL final
volume (300-65 = 235 ml water added)
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