TSL-MC assignment 16-19

The Scarlet Letter-Chapters 16-19AP style Multiple Choice question assignment
You are to write 6 AP Style multiple choice questions over a section of chapters 16-19.
The 6 questions should all be a different type of question. You can find the different types of
questions, and other resources to help you write these questions, in the following file on my
website: AP Mulitple Choice question writing strategies and examples
Here is the format you should follow in order to complete this exercise:
1. Create a document in Word.
Page 1
2. Go to the following website to copy a section from chapters 16-19 of the Scarlet Letter. The
passage should fit on a single page. You may want to reduce the font size after pasting in your
document (if it is a bit over, that is fine, just push your questions to page 3).
3. If you refer to line numbers in your questions, you may wish to add line numbers to the text.
Page 2
1. Number your questions, 1-6. At the beginning of each question, indicate which style/type
question you are using.
2. Do not indicate the answer to the question within the question.
3. Include an answer key at the end. For each answer, explain why the answer is correct. Point
out any answers that may be close, but not correct.
Send the file in an e-mail to me- Label it ; MC-SL
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