Frankenstein Project Requirements

English IV
Frankenstein Group Presentations
In an effort to make our 4th marking period more enjoyable and to practice
collaborative learning, our class will be “reading” sections of Mary Shelley’s novel
Frankenstein in small groups. Each group will be assigned three chapters to
closely read, understand, and teach to the class.
Presentation Contents:
1) A 35-40 minute oral PowerPoint or Prezi presentation of a minimum of 20
 All slides should use a large font size that is easy to read from the back of
the room.
 Slides should not be too crowded with text.
2) A class handout of your summary slides
 The top of the handout should clearly state your chapter
 The handout should be the same text as your summary slides with some
key words left as underlined blanks for the class to fill in as they take notes.
Ex. The __________ should be the same ______ as your summary
slides with some _______ words left as underlined blanks for the rest
of the class to fill in as they take ________.
3) A 2nd class handout that may be either
 A 10-15 multiple choice and true/false quiz with a
brief essay / thinking question
 A crossword puzzle
 If you have another idea for a class activity, please present it to your
teacher(s) for approval!
 Your handouts must be e-mailed to your teacher(s) the day
BEFORE your presentation!!!!!
 Your group must turn in a typed lesson plan on the day of
your presentation.
 If your group does not present on the assigned day, everyone in that group
will receive a zero on the assignment and the rest of the class will silently
read your chapters on that day.
Presentation Contents
Slide 1
 Title of novel underlined
 Author of novel
 Chapters you are presenting
 Group member names
Slides 2-3*
 Summary of first chapter covered
Slide 4
Slides 5-6*
 A visual “snapshot” of the first chapter covered. This
should be a picture or collage of pictures that capture
the essence of the chapters. You may also include a
short video clip if you find something interesting that
connects to your chapter.
 Summary of second chapter covered
Slide 7
 A visual “snapshot” of the second section
Slides 8-9*
 Summary of third chapter covered
Slide 10
 A visual “snapshot” of the third section
Slides 11-12
 Two key themes and an explanation of how they are
shown in your chapters
Slides 13-14
 Two key quotes with citations. Please also include an
explanation of why the quote is important to the story.
Slides 15-16
 Two important vocabulary words you learned (include
word, definition, and original sentence from novel).
You may add a third word for extra credit.
Slides 17-18
 Two open-ended questions to discuss with the class
Slides 19-20
 A mini-quiz of 3-5 multiple choice questions
**** You may use more slides if necessary if you have extra information or if
you think the information would be better presented with a larger font size.